When To Get An Attorney For A Motor Vehicle Accident?


When involved in a motor vehicle accident due to the negligence or mistake of other person can create a feeling of frustration and loss. Also many times it so happens that the accident is not even that big, like when two vehicles slightly gets touched or a minimal dent. In such cases you can only opt to contact your insurance company. But, knowing when to hire a motor vehicle attorney in Montgomery AL or any other place is also important.

So go through the points given below that will help you in taking the decision-

  • Severe injury– If you or your family member/loved one has incurred serious injuries such as fracture and broken bones and are likely to be admitted in the hospital then this situation calls for the attention of an attorney.
  • Fatal injury- When the car accident leads to death whether of the person on the driver seat or any other passenger sitting in the car then it becomes mandatory to call an attorney right away.
  • Opposite drivers fault- If it is not your mistake and it is a clear fault or negligence of the other person then you should seek for legal guidance.
  • Accident in a construction zone- When motor vehicle accident takes place in a construction zone and involves hitting a worker because of the negligence from the side of the driver then heavy penalty is issued and a lawyer is involved for the same.
  • Inaccurate police report- A police report that holds false claims and does not describe the scenario clearly can weaken your overall claim case. So you need to hire an attorney that can talk to them on your behalf and sort the situation.
  • Other person involves an attorney- After the accident takes place it can happen that the opposition party hires an attorney. This way you can suffer from their false claims and you would not know what to do. Then you need to get your very own attorney to defend you in front of their attorney.
  • Issues with insurance company- Insurance companies are not always in your favor and try to manipulate you to settle for the minimal claim. Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys in Montgomery AL are experts in dealing with the insurance companies and getting you the maximum claim.
  • When you are not sure of your rights- Being thorough on all your rights can be a bit difficult and confusing but attorneys exactly know word to word about all you rights and how to get them for you.

After a motor vehicle accident you should always contact an attorney irrespective of the situation or your dilemma if you need an attorney or not.

Mostly the lawyers don’t charge for any consultation and also work on contingency basis. This means that you only need to pay them when you get your maximum settlement. So it is always recommended to seek the help of an experienced lawyer rather than being stuck in such a dire situation and suffering the consequences.

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