When to File a Premise Liability Claim?

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Once we take up your case, we make a thorough investigation of the crash to uncover any evidence and build a strong lawsuit to support your rights. Here, we discuss how we investigate a truck crash:

The legal idea or concept of premises liability stems from the duties of premises or property owners concerning the provisioning of a reasonably safe environment for any person using or residing on their premises. And, the development of a safety hazard or any dangerous condition necessitates warning signs being set up by the owner, till the said hazard has been neutralized.

Ignorance of the above-said responsibilities on the part of the owner, occurrence of any mishap concerning premises, and subsequent allegations can lead to legal liabilities. Plaintiffs involved in premises liability cases must be aware of the nitty-gritty of these kinds of lawsuits to make a successful claim.

Montgomery’s premier Premises Liability Attorneys bring this short & lucid guide for those looking to find out how and when to file a premises liability claim.

The tort of Negligence in Premises Liabilities

If a property owner, despite knowing an adverse condition that may lead to injuries, refuses or fails to handle that problematic condition, then any incidence can lead to legal liability. Lawsuits in that regard can constitute the tort of negligence, which is the key underlying factor in these kinds of cases.

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When to File?

Parties suffering damages due to such negligent behavior can seek compensation for such damages in their injury claims against the responsible party or entity.

For a valid premises liability claim, the following points must be applicable.

  • The defendant must be the actual owner of the premises;
  • The plaintiff must be an invitee or a licensee. Trespassers too can lay claim for damages.
  • The tort of negligence must be applicable. The incidence/s involved should be the result of some negligent behavior, breach of some duty of care, or even some kind of wrongful act committed by a third party on the premises.

Premises liability applies to any kind of public or private property and any kind of unhandled or potentially dangerous property conditions, such as wet floors, spills, temperature hazards, heavy machinery, electrical or chemical hazards, dangerous animals, etc.

Legal Compensations

Most premises liability claims often lead to complicated lawsuits. Lawsuits must be able to highlight or portray that an actual dangerous condition, left uncorrected or unattended by the defendant party, is the cause of the damage. Any injury on some premises does not amount to negligence or result in legal liabilities.

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