Truck Accident: Who Can be Held Liable? Just Think!

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Truck Accident: Who Can be Held Liable? Just Think!

Accidents involving gigantic trucks can be catastrophic. Therefore, if a passenger vehicle is involved with a colossal truck, the larger vehicles will do much more damage. One of the main reasons why trucking accident cases are complicated is because there are innumerable parties that can be held responsible for the collision.

Our personal injury lawyer in Montgomery at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger are adept in pursuing compensation and justice in any personal injury case. The legal representatives here understand that a thorough investigation is required to determine liability. As strong evidence helps to make the ultimate decision, here’s a full review of what the evidence may indicate and who can be held liable for a trucking collision:

Truck Driver:

A trucker may be held accountable because of negligent behavior such as distracted or fatigued driving. Also, a truck driver is responsible for checking the rigs at regular intervals to ensure adequate maintenance or loading of cargo. If the truck is not maintained or it is overloaded, the trucker may be answerable for the crash.


In a collision involving faulty vehicle parts, the driver may not be blameable. Rather, the manufacturer may be at fault for buying cheap materials to make the entire vehicle. Such complicated cases require an in-depth investigation by a professional attorney.

Cargo Loader:

Overloading a cargo is one of the worst decisions. If the person responsible for overloading the cargo ends up putting too much weight, he/she can be legally responsible for the collision. Excessive weight may end up putting too much pressure on the tires. This, in turn, could ultimately lead the tires to rupture. Again, the company which hired the cargo loader may also be answerable if they did not provide adequate training to their employees.

Government Contractors and Agencies:

If the trucking accident occurred due to the broken pavement and any other roadway hazard, the local or state government may be held culpable for that particular stretch of highway. A negligent maintenance contractor hired by the government can also be blameable for a deadly accident.

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Our team of dedicated and experienced lawyers suggests that it’s never a wise decision to accept a settlement without first discussing with your lawyer. Our injury attorney in Montgomery have decades of experience in obtaining reimbursement for clients who have been injured in a trucking accident.

We closely work with a team of paralegals, clerks, and assistants to bring solid claims against the responsible parties. Before you sign any document offered by an insurance company, it’s advisable to reach out to personal injury lawyers.


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