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In the U.S, road accidents have become part of a regular occurrence. Trucks are bigger and heavier than any other vehicle on the roads. When an accident occurs due to a truck collision, the outcome of that strike can be catastrophic. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) reports,

  • A person is killed or critically injured in a truck accident in every fifteen minutes.
  • 82% of truck accidents have caused death or life-long incapacitating injury.

A truck accident causes severe injuries and long-term damages. If you or your loved one is a victim of a truck accident, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the guilty party. Fighting for a claim against a big trucking company that is backed by an influential insurance firm can be tough. You need to hire the best Truck Accident Attorney Prattville to fight for your rights. Manley Traeger is a nationally renowned law firm and provides top-quality legal assistance to truck accident victims like you. We have recovered millions of dollars claims that helped our clients to get back on their feet.

Are You a Survivor of a Truck Accident?

Large trucks and commercial trailers are mostly used to transport goods from one destination to another. It is an important asset to the transportation business. Due to its weight and size, a collision with a passenger vehicle can cause life-threatening consequences. The liability of such cases mostly resides on negligence on the driver’s part. If you are a victim of such an accident, do not agree for any settlement with the trucking company without consulting a Prattville Truck Accident Lawyer from the law offices of Manley Traeger. A truck accident is more complicated than it appears to be as it includes multiple parties. We highly advise you to consult one of our experienced lawyers for further legal assistance.

We at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger represent victims of various types of truck accidents including:

  • Truck Rollover accidents
  • Jackknife accidents
  • Wide turn accidents
  • Tire blowout accidents
  • 18-wheeler accidents
  • Rear-ends accidents
  • Blind Spots accidents
  • Underride accidents
  • Lost load accidents
  • Tanker truck accidents
  • T-Bone collision accidents
  • Head-on collision accidents
  • Passenger vehicle accidents
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When a truck driver is negligent, he can cause serious damages and cost innocent lives. More than 500,000 accidents are caused due to cargo trucks. The road safety authority in the U.S has introduced multiple measures to minimize the rate of truck accident fatalities. The most identified causes of such dreadful accidents are:

  • Driver Fatigue: Truck drivers follow a tedious routine. They drive for long hours without much rest. Some drivers get paid hourly basis. To earn some extra money, they try to cover a few couples of miles within a short time. With no sufficient sleep and rest, the driver tends to lose concentration from the road.
  • Distracted driving: Truck drivers tend to drive for long hours. It is in human nature to get bored out of doing the same thing for a longer period. Chatting with a co-partner, adjusting the stereo system, texting, using a mobile phone, making phone calls, are some of the common factors of distraction.
  • Speeding & overtaking: Driving at a high speed is against the law. To reach a destination to deliver the goods on time truck drivers tend to drive at high speed. In a basic human instinct to overtake a vehicle that tries to overtake. The risk of an accident is high when a driver over speeds.


  • Poor Driving Skills: Driving a truck requires professional training and skills. Commercial trucks are heavy and difficult to control. When a driver is hired with limited skills and experience, it increases the probability of an accident.
  • Intoxication: Truck drivers have been found guilty of drinking and driving. Consumption of alcohol and intaking of drugs are an absolute no-no for the drivers on the wheel. It impairs the ability of a driver to concentrate on the road.
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Truck accidents are gruesome and cause grievous consequences. A few steps that need to be followed after a truck accident:

  • Do not leave the accident site. Wait till the official authorities arrive.
  • Call 911 and report the accident.
  • Check if the co-passengers and the truck driver are injured.
  • Gather information related to the accident. Take pictures of the damaged vehicle and truck injuries if possible.
  • Consult a Truck Accident Lawyer Prattville, AL at Manley Traeger and get your case evaluated at free of cost.
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