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Death by big commercial trucks such as 18 wheeler trucks, cement trucks, cargo trucks, coal trucks and other big trucks has reached an alarming stage.  According to various reports of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number will increase by the year 2030. The U.S government has implemented multiple traffic rules and regulations for mitigating the factors related to traffic accidents. Recent reports show that the rate of traffic fatality has reduced but the number of truck collisions has increased by 9%. 70% of road accidents were caused due to other vehicle collisions and the remaining 30% of the death count involved truckers.

Most fatalities involve trucks that are of heavy-duty and weighs between 11000 to 15000 pounds. Tractor-trailers are considered to be the most dangerous vehicle on the highway. The increase in these vehicles on the road increases the potential chance of road accidents.

After analyzing the reports of traffic accidents in the U.S it can be stated that more than 5000 people in passenger cars lose their lives in truck accidents. If you are a victim, you need to consult a truck accident lawyer De Kalb at Manley Traeger as soon as possible.

Our professional attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of law related to automobile and commercial trucks. Truck accidents come with a lot of legal complexities that differ from regular vehicle accident cases. Here at Manley Traeger, we understand the severity of a truck accident. Multiple parties are usually involved in such accidents. Our De Kalb truck accident lawyer can help you to identify the right person to sue and getting you the maximum amount of compensation for all injuries and damages.


There are several reasons due to which such accidents occur. The size and weight of the vehicle, the distance of a passenger vehicle from the truck, the speed of the vehicles are the most important factors that determine the severity of an accident.

  • The U.S government has issued serious guidelines that truck driver needs to follow while he is on the wheel. Truck drivers tend to drive for long hours to deliver the goods at their destination on time. In the trucking business, some drivers get paid on an hourly basis as well and for earning some extra amount of incentive, a driver tries to cover a few extra miles by speeding. Due to which federal regulation now emphasizes on the fixed hour of driving so that a driver gets enough amount of rest. Despite these regulations, driver fatigue remains as one of the main reasons behind truck accidents in the U.S.


  • Truck drivers often speed, ignore blind spots, break traffic signals, change lane frequently without considering the safety of people in other passenger vehicles. The law in the U.S now makes it necessary to hire certified truck drivers with an adequate amount of training.
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Why should you hire a truck accident attorney De Kalb, MS from Manley Traeger? We at Manley Traeger are a team of experienced truck accident lawyers De Kalb, MS. Our lawyers are well aware of the state and federal laws and have proficiency in handling the most gruesome and serious truck accident cases. We understand the pain you go through when you lose a dear one to a catastrophic accident. Handling an insurance firm can get tricky. If you are planning to deal with these biggies on your own, it might get really difficult. An insurance company will try to manipulate the factors related to the accident. You can consult one of our De Kalb truck accident lawyers to fight against a trucking company and an insurance firm. Our lawyers know the in-and-out of handling complicated cases.

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Truck accidents leave a victim traumatized, shocked, and in great pain. In a confused state of mind victims often tend to make irrational decisions. Teaming up with our truck accident attorney De Kalb, MS will help to get you expert legal guidance at every step of the claiming process. Waste no time and cal us now to book a free consultation with one of our senior attorneys at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger for a preliminary discussion of your case.

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