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Premise Liability in Case of Exposure to Chemical Hazards

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Upon entering someone else’s property such as an apartment complex, a restaurant, or any such space, the owner of the property or the overseer is naturally assumed to be legally duty bound to ensure the safety of the occupants. However, there are limitations here. They are only bound to ensure reasonable safety to those entering their premises. Reasonable safety implies that the property caretaker or owner may not guarantee the premises to be 100% safe and hazard-free but will be liable if someone gets injured on account of their negligence.

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Exposed to Toxic Fumes? We Can Help

If you are exposed to toxic fumes and chemicals when you visit a property due to the owner or caretaker’s negligence, you can file premises liability litigation and seek compensation. Every case is different and must be approached exclusively. Montgomery premises liability lawyers understand the complexities of toxic exposure to chemicals in your particular case and accordingly obtain for you the damages you are looking for. These injury attorneys will help you cope with your suffering, lost wages, a dear one’s demise and medical expenses.

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We Ensure That Victims are Fairly Compensated

Smoke from industrial fires, chemical leaks, chemical dumping causing water contamination and pesticide overuse are forms of toxic exposure that pose various health hazards. Our premises liability attorneys in Montgomery work diligently on victims’ cases and ensure that they are fully compensated for the damage or loss they suffer due to such toxic exposure. Our Montgomery injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger are experienced in handling such complicated premises liability claims.

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