Sustained Traumatic Brain Injury in a Truck Accident?

Brain injury in truck accident

Sustained Traumatic Brain Injury in a Truck Accident? File a Legal Claim

One of the most common reasons for bankruptcy in the United States is medical expenses. Injuries from a trucking accident could lead to high medical costs. If you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by a truck accident, it’s crucial to get in touch with an experienced attorney who can help you obtain a generous compensation.

Car drivers on city roads, freeways, and even parking lots are required to share routes with gigantic 18-wheelers. Truck drivers owe a responsibility to ensure the safety of other road users and also undergo training and certification to ensure they drive properly. However, when the rules are ignored, forgotten, or overlooked, disastrous trucking accidents occur thereby leading to life-altering injuries. In such cases, medical treatment is often prolonged and leads to high expenses.

Let’s take a quick look at the different types of brain injuries that occur from a truck accident:

  • Closed head injury: Closed head injury occurs when the brain is damaged but there are no external signs of trauma. It’s crucial to understand that if such injuries are left untreated, it may lead to permanent brain damage and hamper a person’s ability to work and lead a normal life. Our Montgomery trucking accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger can help you get a fair settlement for such injuries.
  • Open head injury: Open head injuries occur when a sharp object penetrates the skull and reaches the brain. When it comes to truck accidents, such cuts usually occur from metal and glass debris. It may lead to brain infection from clotted blood.

A Note of Caution: Following a truck accident, even if a victim doesn’t show symptoms of brain injury, it’s best to take them to the nearest emergency room right away.

File a Claim

If you have the details of the truck that caused the accident, you may choose to file a claim. It is important to understand that the insurance adjuster will try to disburse the minimum amount. If you file your claim with the assistance of a personal injury attorney, the chances of obtaining a favorable compensation automatically rise.

Our Truck Accident Lawyers in Montgomery, Alabama are Ready to Help

Following an accident, the temptation to save money by dealing with the situation minus any professional legal assistance tends to be high. It is advisable to resist this urge. Our specialized injury attorneys are trained to go into the facts of a case and find the root cause of your injury to determine whether an offer is good enough.

At the Law Offices of Manley Traeger, our experienced brain injury attorneys in Montgomery, Alabama will review your medical records to build a strong argument.