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Personal Injury Attorneys in Safford

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If you have sustained injuries in a car accident, slip and fall, or any other type of mishap, you may file a lawsuit against the guilty party under the personal injury law. However, to understand whether or not you have a genuine case against the other party and are indeed entitled to compensation, you need to hire the services of a personal injury attorney, who can guide you through the process.

Usually, personal injury losses are categorized as ‘compensatory’. This means the guilty party is liable to compensate the injured victim with compensatory damages. Securing compensation for the damages suffered by the plaintiff is meant to enable the victim stand on their feet from a financial point of view.

Although there are a variety of reasons that give rise to personal injury cases, not every situation may be tantamount to liability. In fact, a person should be able to prove the other party guilty of causing harm or injury. Safford personal injury lawyer at the law offices of Manley Traeger have a long-standing reputation of successfully representing people who have suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence, intentional act or wrongful conduct.

What All You Must Ensure Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Selecting the most suitable lawyer can be a crucial factor for the success of your case. Before you zero in on someone for legal guidance, make sure you run through the following checklist:

Discuss the fees: Usually, personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, getting a certain percentage of the eventual settlement amount. Make sure you clearly understand the fee structure of the attorney you wish to hire.

Conduct ample research: Instead of selecting any attorney on the basis of website reviews, make sure you research about lawyers online. You can check the bar status of attorneys, who are registered in the databases of different state bar associations. Ensure that you hire someone who is licensed and reputed.

Trust your gut: While choosing, trust your gut feeling. Hire an attorney that honestly cares about your interest as well as your long-term well-being.

Find out their training and experience: Make sure you find out how well trained and vastly experienced the attorney you wish to engage actually is. Also ensure that they handle your case personally.

Personal injury attorneys in Safford, AL are experienced in litigating a wide range of personal injury cases.

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Auto Accident Attorneys in Safford

If you have experienced an injury as the result of a car accident, there will be a lot weighing on your mind. Besides the physical pain and suffering, you will have to deal with financial uncertainty and insensitive insurance adjusters, something that can make the situation for you even more stressful. Although you are eligible to claim compensatory damages for the losses you have suffered, you will have to prove the liability of the guilty party that caused the accident. This can be extremely complicated as it requires gathering plenty of evidence such as medical records, police report, eye witness testimony, accident scene photographs, etc. Safford auto accident lawyers at the law offices of Manley Traeger are committed to helping you tackle the legal challenges of an auto accident.


Collecting all the evidence and understanding what is important to your cases can be extremely challenging especially when you are injured. Consulting Safford car accident attorney can take away all the stress as they will help you collect the evidence required to prove the other party guilty of causing harm.


Besides gathering evidence, competent car accident lawyers will investigate the accident by carefully reviewing the information provided by you. Based on the details, they will be able to negotiate settlement claims with insurance companies and recover a fair compensation for the damages you have suffered. In case the insurance company offers an unacceptable amount, you may hire Safford truck accident attorney to file a lawsuit.


Whether you need help recovering money for medical bills and vehicle damage, or someone who can deal with the insurance company, accident attorneys in Safford will help you at every step of your legal process for procuring the claim.

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Premises Liability Attorneys in Safford

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Property owners have the basic responsibility of maintaining a safe environment for their guests, visitors, tenants or anyone who visits their premises. It is necessary for property owners to warn visitors or guests about the hazardous conditions such as hanging cable wires, pothole or a depression on the floor difficult to notice in dim light etc inside the premises and take measures to ensure that those who enter their property are safe. If the landowner fails to ensure safety for visitors/residents within his premises and they suffer serious injuries, the landowner may be held accountable for the harm. Premise liability attorneys at the law offices of Manley Traeger can provide you with a comprehensive representation that you can depend upon.

So, if you too have suffered injuries on someone else’s property due to the carelessness of the property owner, you are eligible to file a lawsuit or injury claim against the guilty party. Premises liability attorneys in Safford can suggest the appropriate legal recourse available to you.

However, premises liability cases require plaintiffs to prove that the property owners either failed to remedy the unsafe conditions that caused the injury or alert the visitors or tenants about these hazards even after being aware of the same. Premises liability attorneys in Safford, AL are adept in handling different types of premises liability cases and seeking your due compensation.

Manley Traeger Lawyers Provide Legal Counsel in a Variety of Personal Injury Cases