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Accident is the most unfortunate event that occurs without prior notice. Personal injuries can be recognized as the damages that are sustained by a person for the negligence of another party. The most common cases that fall under this category are dog bites, accidents at a construction site, traffic mishap, defective goods, expired medicines or medical malpractice, and much more.

It has become quite unfortunate to say that lawsuits related to these causes are increasing at an alarming rate day by day. Various statistical reports help to create a clear picture of the present scenario and the consequences of such mishaps. The terms and conditions of federal law in the US is complex in nature. Without the help of a professional personal injury lawyer, you are likely to get overwhelmed and feel stranded in a complex system. The federal department of Justice identified three major reasons behind personal injuries.

  • More than 50% of the personal injury victims are from vehicle accidents.
  • 20% of the people were the victims of medical malpractice at hospitals and clinics.
  • 10% of the people were the victims of product liability and the rest of them faced injury due to other factors.

Personal injuries tend to cover various types of accidents. The first question that a victim tends to ask himself, “Do I need to get some legal help? Is it necessary to hire an attorney?” When an accident is severe it becomes a necessity for a victim to seek help from a qualified personal injury lawyer in Hayneville. Losing a dear one is tragic and difficult to deal with, especially if it is caused by negligence.

At the Law Offices of Manley Traeger, our Hayneville Injury Attorneys understand the grievances of a victim’s family. The commitment of our attorneys is exceptional and has helped to recover millions of dollars for the victims who sustained personal injuries or lost a close one due to a company’s neglectfulness.

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Handling a personal injury case on your own can cause harm than good. The law allows a victim to sue a company by the act of civil action. Every citizen isn’t familiar with the rules and regulations related to personal injury. Hiring a Manley Traeger’s Hayneville personal injury attorney can prove to be more beneficial than any loss. Statistics shows that victims who took the help of our personal injury lawyer in Hayneville have successfully got their compensation claim.

Read out the reasons why you should team up with us to fight for your settlement:

  • Fatal accidents can often leave you with life-long disabilities. Some insurance firms don’t settle the compensation amount faithfully. It is important to consult a Manley Traeger’s Hayneville personal injury attorney to discuss the approximate amount of an injury. Our professional assistance will help you to calculate the amount of settlement based on the impact of an accident. You can pursue the right lawsuit to file for compensation for the injuries.
  • Insurance companies study the severity of the injuries incurred by a victim. The company analyzes the accident factors, the seriousness of the accident, medical bills, and the estimated time required for recovering before it approves the insurance amount. It may be the case that the company only pays half the amount of the expenses. Manley Traeger’s personal injury lawyer Hayneville can help you to get the compensation that you are entitled to.
  • In the US, dog attacks are common. Dog bites of certain breeds can be extremely dangerous. A victim of such an accident can claim compensation from the dog owner. Our personal injury lawyer Hayneville provides professional assistance to the victim and strategies ways to proceed in the case. A Hayneville personal injury attorney is well versed with the laws and regulations related to animal attacks and experienced in getting a fair settlement.
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Personal injury lawyers Hayneville at the law offices of Manley Traeger are trustworthy and easy to work with. Hiring a lawyer is extremely important when a victim has to fight for the claim. With the help of a reputable attorney, a victim can understand the severity of the case before representing it in the court. Contact us and book for a free consultation to get the best legal assistance.

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