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In the U.S, a person gets injured in every 15 minutes due to an accident. Being involved in an accident of any nature can be a dreadful experience for a lifetime. According to reports, there has been a rise of 20% in the personal accident rate over the last couple of years. Injuries and death are the dreadful outcomes of an accident.

A victim tends to become confused post an accident and doesn’t know what to do next, whom to consult for legal help, what documents to gather to make a financial claim for the damages. Personal injury cases are common and multiple cases get reported across the country regularly.

What is a personal injury? When you face an injury due to the other person’s negligence, you are entitled to receive compensation. The U.S government has designed laws that are legally known as the tort laws for protecting you and your property. Any person who causes damages intentionally or accidentally is entitled to pay as per the federal conditions.

The law has it on compulsion that the one who caused damage must compensate the victim who suffered injuries and losses. If you are a victim of an injury but don’t know much about the legal formalities, worry no more!

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It is always easy to determine the causes of an accident. Personal injuries from dreadful accidents often leave behind life-long scars. Negligence is one of the most recognized causes of personal accidents. Accidents can be averted by being cautious. Violation of basic traffic regulations has resulted in catastrophic accidents and contributed to life-threatening injuries.

  • An automobile accident is the most common example of personal injury and helps to understand the concept of the tort system better. If you get injured by a careless driver who breached the basic traffic rules, according to personal law you can legally demand compensation for your losses. Then again in the U.S, state laws vary. You need the help of a professional personal injury lawyer De Kalb to get all your queries answered related to your accident.
  • Medical malpractice is another reason behind personal injuries. Recent statistical reports show that in the U.S more than 17,000 cases have been filed against doctors and hospitals due to medical malpractice. Losing your close one due to wrong treatment can be hard to deal with. Nothing can replace the love of a dear one. We at Manley Traeger understand the grief and pain that a family goes through in losing a loved one.

If you are a victim of such a mishap, you can contact our personal injury attorney De Kalb, MS for legal assistance. A personal injury case requires a detailed and clear understanding of all the factors related to an accident. Here, at Manley Traeger, we guide you through the claim processing and get you the compensation you are entitled to.

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A personal injury lawsuit arises when a victim seeks legal help to survive post an accident. In case you are a victim, the person who is responsible for your damages pays a fair amount to settle your medical bills, suffering, and pain. When a person gets severely injured or dies due to an accident, it mostly results in a large number of monetary settlements. The insurance company is liable to pay.


If you have been injured in an accident our team of De Kalb personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger will formally represent you at the court proceedings. For us, every client is of topmost priority. We understand the law and the ramifications of a proceeding and how it tends to impact the mental condition of a victim and its family members. Be assured that our lawyers will work tediously to prepare a strong offense so that you get justice for all your pain, suffering, and losses.

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