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You may not think of a personal injury lawyer in the aftermath of an accident, but you must. In addition to the physical hurt, there is emotional trauma along with the burden of paying bills and lost income. At the Law Firm of Manley Traeger, the injury attorneys in Opelika, Alabama guide you with their Experienced so as to ease the process of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and claim compensation for hurt, injury, wrongful death, or vehicular damage. With far-reaching understanding of their field, the Opelika injury lawyers understand the psychological state of their victims who suffer on account of others’ recklessness. They strive to help you obtain compensation that will aid the process of recuperation and help you overcome the distress and uncertainty caused by your accident. The extensive knowledge and legal proficiency of the personal injury attorneys in Opelika, Alabama ensure that they elicit maximum compensation possible in your case.

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Knowledgeable Accident Attorney in Opelika, Alabama to Help You with Your Claim

The Opelika personal injury attorneys at the Law Firm of Manley Traeger believe in combining hard work with smart work, and are known to make their clients’ case a success. The accident attorneys in Opelika, Alabama are skilled in managing cases that encompass –

  • Fatal personal injuries
  • Medical malpractice
  • Industrial and premises accidents
  • Consumer and household products
  • Nursing home malpractice
  • Defective medical devices and commercial or automotive products.


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Car Accident Attorneys in Opelika, Alabama Will Take Your Litigation Ahead

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In a scenario of utter confusion, the car accident attorneys in Opelika, Alabama will support you through the difficult process of claiming compensation and help you streamline your life. For receiving appropriate medical help, you need to let an Opelika injury lawyer take over your case.

After a car accident, taking certain measures can expedite your health recovery and ensure that you are able to successfully pursue your claim. This includes –


  • Assessment of your health right after the accident
  • Getting to a safer zone
  • Reporting the accident
  • Seeking medical help
  • Exchanging information with bystanders, witnesses, or drivers
  • Clicking pictures and taking videos of the damage for evidence
  • Reporting the incident to your insurance company
  • Maintaining medical records
  • Getting in touch with car accident attorney in Opelika, Alabama


If you fail to take the above measures, the personal injury or Opelika car accident attorneys at the Law Firm of Manley Traeger will help you with litigation. The Opelika injury lawyers will investigate your accident and obtain the information you need to procure the compensation you deserve and assist you in settling financial disputes concerning injuries, damage, and premises liability including slip and fall cases.

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Truck Accident Attorney Opelika, Alabama Proficient in Litigating

You may get fatally injured or lose a loved one in a trucking accident. By choosing the Opelika truck accident attorneys, you get to enjoy a free initial consultation and a better chance of obtaining the desired compensation. The Opelika lawyers help you learn more about your rights and entitlements. Although each truck accident is a different one, they all lead to specific injuries. Irrespective of whether the cause of the accident is clear or not, a legal representative will investigate the crash, gather proof, and assist you in determining the liable party that could be the truck driver, trucking company, maintenance provider, manufacturer, or any other party. The cause of the mishap will have a direct bearing on the value of your claim.

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Erudite Premises Liability Attorneys to Expedite Your Case

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The local tort makes it incumbent upon estate owners and property managers to maintain their property but they seldom do so. The premises liability lawyers in Opelika, Alabama have established their prowess for efficaciously fetching the best reward for the victims of premise liability. Since premise liability cases are intricate and nuanced, their resolution takes a lot of patience and perseverance. Contact an Opelika injury lawyer for a free case review and receive the compensation you deserve.