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If you or your loved ones have been injured due to the negligence of another person, you have the legal option to claim compensation for your injuries or damages. However, it isn’t easy to deal with the after-effects of an accident-related injury. This is specifically true in situations where the victims have suffered serious, life-changing injuries such as brain injury, fractures, spinal cord damage or any injury that limits their movement.

You cannot handle all the intricacies of personal injury law on your own and require professional handling by experienced personal injury attorneys. A competent personal injury lawyer will take an aggressive approach while negotiating with insurance companies that might otherwise force you to settle for a much smaller sum than you truly deserve.

Why Engage the Services of an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney?

Whether you have suffered injuries in a car accident, a slip and fall accident or medical malpractice, experienced personal injury lawyers can provide you with all the necessary legal support. Personal injury attorneys in Myrtlewood are focused on maximizing the compensation amount for their clients that can help them bring their lives back on track.

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Auto Accident Attorneys in Myrtlewood Can Provide Support Specific to Your Case

Auto accidents are everyday occurrences that account for the common ways in which people get seriously injured. While the suffering caused as a result of the injuries sustained and the vehicle damage can be traumatic, the post-accident phase that includes lost wages, costly medical expenses and emotional loss caused by the accident can be far more difficult to deal with than the mishap itself. Truck accident attorneys in Myrtlewood can help victims of auto accidents file lawsuits against accountable parties.


In most cases, the insurance company is unlikely to treat you fairly. This is another hurdle to deal with following the accident. In order to assess the true value of your claim, it is important that you take into account several factors other than your current medical and vehicle repair bills. One shouldn’t expect much from the insurance company any way, as it is only concerned about its own personal gains. A Myrtlewood car accident lawyer will work closely with you and your healthcare providers to understand the gravity of the injuries suffered by you and the care and time you will need to recover. All these possibilities will be factored in the compensation you eventually receive.


Other than the economic and non-economic damages endured, victims also have the right to claim punitive damages. However, compensation to this claim is awarded only if the liable party is proved guilty of inflicting intentional harm to the plaintiff, and not if the accident is proved to be an act of negligence. Whether or not the victim receives the punitive damages will significantly influence the final amount they are granted.


You can count on an experienced accident attorney’s prowess in Myrtlewood to pursue the settlement claim you deserve.

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Premises Liability Attorneys in Myrtlewood Can Offer You Top-notch Legal Assistance

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Property owners have the basic responsibility to keep premises of their property safe for visitors. When a property owner fails to make a reasonable effort to keep the property safe, they become liable to pay any damages arising out of an injury suffered by the victim. Some of the common situations that may pave the way for the filing of premises liability lawsuits include dog bites, slip and fall accidents, inadequate security, dangerous property and swimming pool injury, etc. So if you have fallen victim to any of the aforesaid situations, you must get in touch with lawyers at the law offices of Manley Traeger to know about the legal options you have.

If you or your dear ones have been injured in a premises liability case, you have the right to sue the other party for compensatory damages. You are eligible to seek compensation for any financial loss caused due to the wrongful death of a dear one, lost wages due to a prolonged absence from work, medical bills incurred as a result of injury, and lasting physical and emotional pain. It is important that you seek the assistance of a reliable Myrtlewood premises liability lawyer to get your due compensation.

Although different states follow different guidelines as to who may be qualified for claiming compensation under the premises liability laws, most states follow the rules of ‘comparative fault’ in such cases. This means that if an injured person is fully or partially responsible for the accident, they are not eligible to claim or seek any sort of compensatory damages as self-security is the responsibility of every individual. Premises liability attorneys in Myrtlewood can provide you with the necessary legal support required to strengthen your case.

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