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Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney in Montgomery, AL

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Motor vehicle accidents can leave long-lasting physical and mental scars. The inability to earn a livelihood coupled with mounting medical expenses can test anyone’s patience. The recovery process is often long and the financial hardships continue to worsen. Insurance companies sensing your desperation will offer you a lowball settlement in the hope that a drowning person will most likely latch onto any straw that comes their way. You must not agree for any settlement without the expert consultation from a Montgomery Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer from the law offices of Manley Traeger.

Motor Vehicle Accidents in the United States

Truck, bus, motorcycle, and car accidents are responsible for over 35,000 deaths in the U.S each year. Records state that over 3 million people sustain major and minor injuries in motor vehicle accidents.
Auto crashes can have serious consequences including injuries that could result in permanent disability and even death. TBIs, spinal cord injuries, loss of vision, and amputation are some of the harrowing traumas stemming from auto accidents. Major car and truck accidents are the cause of close to 50 percent of spinal cord injuries in the United States.

At Manley Traeger, the team of Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Montgomery AL, are compassionate, trustworthy, and fully aware of the protracted agony of an auto accident victim.

The common causes of motor vehicle accidents in the United States include:

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Driver’s error

Crashes are often caused by the failure to concentrate on driving properly. Drivers who are party to an accident may be engaged in texting, talking, eating, personal grooming etc. while driving. Misjudgment, failure to follow traffic rules, falling asleep etc. also fall within the ambit of negligent or careless driving.

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Vehicular fault

Faulty brakes, tires, steering, transmission, and engines also possess severe risks.

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Environmental factors

Under construction roads, faulty road designs, poor planning, ice in winter, the sun’s glare in summer, obstructed view etc. are some of the environmental factors that could lead to crashes.

The victims of motor vehicle accidents suffer both economic and non-economic damages. You need qualified and knowledgeable Montgomery Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney who can aggressively fight for your compensation.

Our vehicle accident injury lawyers are committed to achieving justice on your behalf by zealously pursuing your rights and the money you merit. We will comprehensively review your case from all angles to determine whether manufacturer liability, road liability or employer liability is the main cause of your accident and secure a positive verdict for you.

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Importance of Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

A motorcycle accident attorney can help the victim in a number of ways. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured, a Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Montgomery, AL will help you:

  • Determine who is liable for the accident
  • Investigate the accident case
  • Calculate your present and future losses
  • Assist you in getting medical treatment
  • Help you negotiate with the insurer


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    Motor Vehicle Accident Cases Are Complicated

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    Motor vehicle accidents can end up having deadly consequences. To build a strong case and obtain maximum compensation, the assistance of lawyers is important.

    If you are puzzled on what to do after a motor vehicle accident, here are 4 important steps to follow:

    Once it’s ensured that everyone is safe, exchange information with the ones involved in a crash. Make sure you get the phone numbers, address, and license numbers of all drivers. Also, ensure that all the notes are organized.

    After a collision, it’s better to involve a law enforcement officer to the scene of the collision. If you plan to file a lawsuit, a police report is vital.

    To have a robust case, eyewitnesses are crucial. If possible, interview all the witnesses in the accident scene.

    If you get involved in a jarring motor vehicle accident, it’s not uncommon for you to apologize. However, it’s important to remember that statements at the place of collision may end up having grave legal consequences. Therefore, stay away from admitting fault.

    There is absolutely no reason why you should be a victim twice when the Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Montgomery from the Manley Traeger law firm is rightfully here to help you obtain the damages you deserve. We have an impressive record of eliciting just and fair financial rewards for those innocent citizens who have been denied justice. We have the knowledge and the experience to offer stellar legal representation to you in order to help you achieve the best possible results.

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