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When You Need Your Lawyer, Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Montgomery, Alabama Can Help

A person injured due to the negligent or wrongful act of another person is entitled to seek compensation for all their pain and suffering. The state of Alabama has no fixed monetary standard to reimburse an individual for all their physical injuries and emotional suffering.

As every personal injury case is unique, deciding the compensation is entirely left to the discretion of the concerned jury. Therefore, it’s important to accurately figure out the severity of the injuries, the amount of emotional distress caused by the incident, the monetary burden, and the impact of all these on the quality of the injured person’s life. Every aspect needs to be documented and backed by sufficient evidence in order to pursue a lawsuit.

When it comes to presenting information to an insurance adjuster or the jury at the time of trial, our personal injury attorneys in Montgomery, Alabama have a track record of maximizing the compensation for our clients.

The Personal Injury Attorneys at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger Work Hard To Get You Every Dollar You Deserve!

Things You Need to Do After a Car Accident
Steps to Follow After a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident is a distressing experience. The confusion and chaos that prevails after the accident can leave the victims unsure of how to proceed. You need to take the following steps after a car accident. Doing this will help your personal injury attorney build a stronger case.

  • Do not leave the scene of the accident even if the damages or injuries look minor since it may lead to the impression that you were at fault
  • Call an ambulance if necessary and report the accident to the police
  • Obtain a copy of your report since you will need to submit it to the insurance company, your attorney, and for your personal records
  • Take pictures and videos of the accident scene if you are equipped with a camera or cellphone camera
  • Call your insurance company
  • Contact an experienced personal injury attorney

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    The Alabama law requires property owners to ensure that visitors are reasonably safe in their properties. When property owners fail to manage and maintain their property, they are liable for compensating a victim. However, if anyone is hurt in someone else’s premises, this does not make a property owner accountable for the injuries and the accident.

    Premises liability is a complicated area of law wherein proving that a property owner is liable for the injuries sustained by an individual is based on a number of factors. For instance, property owners do not owe the same level of care toward trespassers and visitors. Certain premises liability damages are calculable such as:

    • Lost income
    • Loss or damage to property
    • Medical costs
    • Loss of future income

    You may also get compensation for:

    • Physical pain and impairment
    • Disfigurement
    • Emotional trauma
    • Loss of quality life

    If you have a valid claim, our premises liability attorneys in Montgomery will ask important questions and then offer an expert opinion on the steps to follow next. We are always driven by the goal to obtain maximum compensation for our clients.


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