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Personal Injury Attorneys in Marion Can Handle All Aspects of Your Claim

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Personal injury claims arise from intentional or negligent acts of a person, who has been accused of causing harm and injury to another individual. Besides negligence, ‘strict liability’ is another basis that can be used to hold the other person responsible for causing harm or injury. However, the law requires the victims to prove that the accused is liable for the losses and damages sustained by them. A clear understanding of the basic premise of this law is necessary to go ahead with the claim settlement or litigation process.

Basis of Personal Injury Claims:

Strict liability: It is a significant aspect of ‘personal injury law’ that holds manufacturers and engineers liable for the injuries caused from defective products. In such cases, the victim does not have to prove the negligence of the offender. Instead, you would have to show that the product was manufactured in such a way that made it extremely dangerous when used.

Intentional wrongs: A deliberate act of wrongdoing also forms the basis of personal injury claims. While offenders of some of the intentional torts can be held liable for their criminal actions, a personal injury case is a court proceeding brought by an entity or an individual and is completely discrete from similar charges brought by the government.

Negligence: Negligence is the most common basis of filing personal injury claims and lawsuits. When an individual or entity is accused of causing harm or injury to another person, the negligent party may be held legally responsible.

Marion Personal injury attorneys have considerable experience in litigating all types of personal injury cases and have recovered millions of dollars as compensation for their clients.

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Marion Auto Accident Attorneys Can Help You Deal With Post-Accident Trauma

Have you ever suffered serious injuries in a car accident? If yes, you are well aware of the devastating consequences of such collisions. Besides the pain and suffering sustained, the victim also has to deal with intricate and cumbersome legal issues, insurance claim processes and financial uncertainty for a long time to come. In such situations, the smartest move will be to seek appropriate legal assistance. Every moment that goes by after you are mentally and physically fit to hire a lawyer could be too late for you. This is because as soon as the insurance companies are notified of the accident, they will start figuring out ways to undermine your claim. The only way to level the playing field is to engage the services of Marion car accident attorneys, who can help you get adequate compensation for your sufferings.


In other devastating accidents such as a truck colliding with another vehicle or a pedestrian getting run over by it, it becomes more important to hire the services of an experienced attorney as there could be many aspects to truck accident cases that you might not be aware of. Truck accident attorneys in Marion, AL understand the intricacies of a truck accident claim and can pursue adequate compensation on your behalf.


A competent auto accident lawyer can help you establish and prove the damages and injuries you have suffered. They will help you evaluate the claim amount by taking into consideration several other losses, which you might have suffered but aren’t aware of. These can include medical expenses, loss of wages, loss of future earning capacity, and several other possibilities that are not instantly apparent.


Since, auto accident laws are complex involving multiple clauses and sections, it is in your best interest to seek the services of an accident attorney in Marion, who is adept in handling such cases.

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Premises Liability Attorneys in Marion Can Assist You Deal With Legal Challenges

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Unsafe conditions like loose carpeting, inappropriately stacked commodities or injury-prone material lying scattered, faulty wiring, etc. may cause serious accidents. Property owners including businesses, private homes and government properties (libraries and parks) have the responsibility of creating a safe environment for their visitors. When property owners fail to correct or remedy hazardous conditions on their property premises, they are legally responsible for the injuries caused to the victim. In such situations, victims have every right to sue the landowner and seek compensation for the financial losses suffered in terms of lost wages, medical expenses and lost capacity of earning in the future.

Apart from representing you legally, premise liability attorneys in Marion can successfully recover compensation that can enable you to pay for your medical expenses, find some financial stability and ultimately get back on your feet.

However, in order to file a premises liability claim successfully, you must be able to prove the property owner guilty of their wrongdoings. You must be able to establish that the property owner was aware of the danger or should have been aware of the danger and had reasonable time to fix it, but he didn’t. You must also prove that you were lawfully present inside the premises and took reasonable precautions to secure yourself while being on that property.

So, if you too have suffered injuries due to the negligence or deliberate acts of property owners, you must consult Marion premise liability attorney to defend your legal rights.

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