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If you have been harmed or have suffered losses due to the negligence of someone else, you can sue the guilty party under the ‘personal injury law’. Choosing between a lawsuit and a claim is your first step toward getting the compensation you deserve. Since personal injury claims and lawsuits are distinct from each other, it is important to understand which of the two best applies in your case.

While the claim process comprises a series of negotiations between you and the insurance company’s claims adjuster, resulting in a compromised settlement compensation, a lawsuit is filed when claim negotiations hit a wall. In both situations, you should hire a seasoned personal injury lawyer because filing a lawsuit and getting a fair compensation for the losses suffered require a certain level of skill and training.

Most car insurance companies refuse to pay adequate compensation to the claimant. In such a situation, filing a personal injury lawsuit becomes a necessity. However, winning a lawsuit requires more than sharing your side of the story with the judge. In order to prove your point, you will have to produce sufficient evidence. Linden personal injury attorneys can help you deal with the intricate legal proceedings involved in a personal injury case.

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Auto Accident Attorneys in Linden can Defend Your Rights

Have you ever been injured in a car wreck, motorbike accident or any other motor vehicle mishap? If yes, you very well know the devastating impact such a collision can have on your life. If it is clear or can be proved that the other driver was at fault, you are eligible to claim compensatory damages for your losses. Lawyers at the law offices of Manley Traeger are adept in handling auto accident cases as they investigate every cause that led to the accident. This ensures that you receive your due compensation.


What to Do If You Are Involved in an Auto Accident


In the event of an accident, you shouldn’t panic and instead take the following measures:


  • Seek immediate medical assistance in case of an injury
  • Report the incident immediately by calling the police
  • Document the circumstances of the accident
  • Gather every shred of evidence, if possible
  • Take pictures
  • Speak with people present at the accident spot to get crucial information
  • Inform your insurance company


Why Should You Hire an Auto Accident Attorney in Linden?


If you were involved in a car accident and managed to escape with little or no injuries, you probably don’t need the assistance of an attorney to represent you. In fact, you can negotiate a settlement directly with the insurance company. However, in case you have suffered serious injuries or vehicle damage leading to heavy financial losses, the monetary value of your case increases. As the value of your case increases, insurance companies try hard to devalue your claim and minimize the settlement amount for the losses you have suffered. With an experienced car accident attorney by your side, you can gain the upper hand. Car accident attorneys in Linden are vastly experienced in defending the rights of car accident victims.


While the legal remedy of your case depends largely on its intricacies and specifics, a trained truck accident lawyer in Linden can help you in several ways. An experienced attorney will enable you collect and preserve evidence, investigate the accident and let healthcare providers, police etc. to thoroughly assess the damages and injuries sustained.

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Engage Services of Premises Liability Attorneys in Linden to Maximize Your Compensation

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Premises liability falls under the umbrella of personal injury law and applies to accidents that occur on the property premises of someone else. This usually happens due to inadequate safety and security and hazardous condition inside the premises that the property owner failed to remedy. It is important to note that unsafe property conditions can result in serious injuries, some of which could even prove fatal. Those who sustain injuries because of the wrongful actions of property owners may claim compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages permitted under the personal injury law.

However, property owners cannot be held liable to compensation or punishment simply because an accident occurred on their property. The law mandates that the victim prove the property owner guilty of negligence or any other wrongdoing. Moreover, victims should also prove that the dangerous or unsafe condition that led to the accident was either known to the property owner or should have been known. Law offices of Manley Traeger house a team of experienced and skilled lawyers, who are adept at litigating all types of premises liability cases.

Linden Premises liability lawyers can help victims with serious injuries get all the legal support required to strengthen their case. Since premises liability cases are among the most intricate and complicated personal injury cases, it is extremely vital that you engage the services of a proficient premises lawyer.

So, if you too have suffered injuries due to unsafe conditions on someone else’s property, you should immediately get in touch with experienced Linden premises liability lawyers to get your claim evaluated.

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