Holiday Safety Tips That You Need To Follow This Holiday Season!

Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday season is just round the corner and you have already planned your days, all the fun and activities that you would be doing at this time of the year. But with all the fun comes the responsibility to keep yourself and your family members safe from some unforeseen tragedy.

“In 2017, 329 people died on New Year’s Day, 463 on Thanksgiving Day and 299 on Christmas Day, according to injury facts.”

So here is a compiled list of holiday safety tips that you must follow for getting an experience that holds only happiness.

Road safety is must to consider in holiday season

  • If your place is witnessing heavy snowfall then you should prepare your car accordingly before undertaking a long journey.
  • Keep an emergency utility kit in your car in case you get stuck somewhere due to bad weather conditions or some other road problem.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before leaving next day for the journey so that you do not feel drowsy while driving.
  • Avoid time durations when certain roads that you need to take are experiencing heavy traffic.
  • When hiring a driver for your holiday season make sure to get the best one who is proficient in driving and is also responsible.

Practice safe decoration methods

Holiday season is nothing without all those sparkling and shiny decorations but they too can lead to some emergencies which can be avoided by following holiday safety tips.

  • Some varieties of plants that are commonly seen in holiday season are poisonous such as- holly berries, amaryllis and mistletoe. Keep these plants away from the kids.
  • When purchasing an artificial Christmas tree make sure that it is resistant to fire.
  • Try not to put sharp, small or broken decorations on the lower part of the tree as the kids might ingest it causing internal bleeding.
    When putting lights check the sockets and wires for any cracks or loose connections.
  • Put the Christmas tree away from the fire place or any other heat source in the premises of the house.
  • Before leaving the house make sure to turn off all lights, chimney or other heating sources.

Save yourself from food poisoning

During the holiday season you are all excited to eat all the delicacies and varieties of food, after all holidays are all about eating, drinking and having fun. But eating at many places or unhealthily can increase your risk of suffering with food poisoning. So follow these holiday food safety tips mentioned below-

  • Keep hand sanitizers and wash your hands often before eating or cooking.
  • When making non-vegetarian dishes clean the meat properly and avoid keeping it in open or contaminated places.
  • When planning to dine somewhere out choose an eating place that has received good reviews and has got no cases related to food poisoning.
  • The leftovers of thanksgiving should be consumed within 2 to 3 days.
  • Store turkey in a proper way and refrigerate it as soon as possible.

Gift toys that become a reason of joy not an injury

Gifts, presents and giveaways are a common aspect of every holiday season but they are also responsible to cause maximum injuries in children. “More than a quarter of a million children were seriously injured in toy-related incidents in 2017.”

So here are some gifting safety tips for this holiday season-

  • When purchasing toys go through the age limitations and warning for any hazardous items which is mentioned behind the box.
  • Avoid toys that have got small parts, batteries or other sort of tiny items that can be swallowed by kids.
  • If you are planning to gift your child with a scooter, cycle or a tricycle then also provide them with appropriate safety gears.

Holidays are the biggest reason to be happy. It is the only time of the year when you get to meet your relatives, enjoy together as a family and plan out your much awaited trip. Making it a memorable one is what you want and this is the reason why you should follow all the holiday safety tips mentioned above.

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