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Gas pipeline leaks, fires, and explosions often lead to devastating consequences. Such catastrophes have the potential to alter lives forever. Gas pipeline owners are not the same as suppliers. In certain cases, the natural gas supplied to apartments, houses, or even a commercial building could be done by a company that may not necessarily own the pipelines, just be a supplier, or simply be responsible for maintenance.

Moreover, natural gas pipelines are vulnerable to ruptures as a result of excavations. In the case of a natural gas explosion, the Montgomery premise liability lawyers will help you determine the liability of those who may have owned or constructed the pipelines, been involved in their maintenance and operation, or caused the gas lines to burst. The fault often lies with multiple parties. The premise liability attorneys in Montgomery at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger have extensive experience in handling investigations, claims, litigations, and trials, loss of property, injuries, and deaths.

Causes and Accountability

A seasoned Montgomery Injury Attorney will have the required experience to fight cases involving fires and explosions occurring in private homes, apartments, restaurants, and hotels that in turn are related to defective smoke alarms, gas lines leaks, defective and malfunctioning devices, propane leaks, faulty appliances, and others. Gas fires and explosions may also be a consequence of the failure to adhere to the safety protocols and improper handling of equipment. The premise liability attorneys in Montgomery at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger have years of experience to hold the guilty accountable for injuries and deaths happening on account of unsafe conditions. The highly qualified Montgomery injury lawyers investigate cases on behalf of their victims and provide them with the best possible representation.

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If you have suffered a physical injury or damage is caused to your property due to a natural gas pipeline explosion or fire, get in touch with an Montgomery injury attorney at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger who will help you seek compensation and won’t charge you unless the verdict is in your favor. Aggressive in pursuing the parties liable for damages, an Montgomery premise liability attorney’s skilled advocacy is all you need to assert your rights. Schedule a free consultation today!

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