Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Drivers’ License Fraud

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One driver needs one license and that’s how it’s supposed to be. Unfortunately, some deceitful people try to manipulate the system by acquiring multiple licenses using fraudulent means. Commercial truck drivers go through extensive training and education to procure a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Operating a large truck, in fact, requires immense skill and practice. It would not be wrong to say that commercial truck drivers are some of the most skilled motorists on US roads. It is the drivers who resort to fraud and deceit to procure authentic documents that give a bad name. Also, they are the ones who are responsible for causing life-threatening accidents and collisions.

Greensboro Truck Accident Attorney


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Read on to know how regardless of every US state having strict laws against drivers’ license fraud the cheating continues:

Why is a Commercial Driving License Important?

Commercial truck drivers are required to go through a rigorous education and training program to be licensed to operate big rigs. When truckers get behind the wheel without any training and experience, chances of collisions and crash fatalities increase significantly.


The following are some of the specific requirements to acquire a commercial driving license:

  • Studying the CDL manual
  • Passing a written exam to show an understanding of driving a truck
  • Getting a permit
  • Passing a driving test

Any individual desiring a license needs to be above the age of 18 and should have passed the written test in handling commercial vehicles. Most truck drivers obtain their license through legitimate channels. However, there are hundreds of truckers on the roads who resort to fraudulent means to acquire their licenses.

Ways in Which Trucking License Fraud is Committed

Commercial truck drivers can commit fraud in multiple ways. Here’s how some truckers obtain licenses, illegally:

  1. False Documents

Truck drivers end up falsifying documents such as birth certificates and identification cards. They often record their real age as being above the age limit for driving a truck.

  1. Cheating to Pass the Test

While taking the written test, trucking drivers resort to cheating. Most have been seen to use Bluetooth headsets, which they hide inside the ear, and a third party communicates all the answers during the test.

  1. Dishonest Examiners

There have been cases where examiners have been found to be grading driving tests incorrectly. While some examiners pass the students without even riding with them, there are others who ride only a short distance and award a passing grade. Some examiners have even been known to pass drivers without checking if the driver knew how to react during a collision.

  1. Fraudulent Methods Used by Truck Driving Schools

There have been cases in the past when trucking driving schools were guilty of providing false certification to students. In a particular case, 623 students were awarded false certifications. However, when they were retested, only 142 students could pass the test.

Consequences of Fraud Truck Licenses

While multiple US states have enforced strict penalties on drivers for using fraudulent commercial licenses, many drivers still manage to cheat traffic authorities. The exact number of dishonest truck drivers can never be known. However, as per experts, there can be hundreds of truck drivers out on US roads who hold falsified licenses. A driving license obtained by duping the system is a criminal act.

Get in Touch With a Veteran Trucking Accident Lawyer

Most truck drivers are law-abiding citizens who pass all the required training and tests before getting behind the wheel. Unfortunately, it’s the hundreds who dupe the system that spoil the reputation of honest truck drivers. These dishonest drivers pose a major threat to other vehicles and pedestrians on the roads and deserve to be punished. If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident, contact a competent trucking accident lawyer. Our Greensboro trucking accident attorneys have years of experience in tackling cases involving collisions with tankers, trailers, semi-trucks, and gigantic commercial trucks. Getting the assistance of a qualified attorney ensures that your rights are protected. With the help of our dedicated professionals, you can remain assured of the maximum possible payout.

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