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Personal injuries can be described as physical and mental injuries that happen due to negligence or intentional actions of someone else. Most personal injury cases fall under the category of a law known as ‘torts’. Torts constitute a type of civil law that allows you to hold someone else legally accountable for your injuries.


The Tort Law determines whether or not the party or parties held liable for injury are actually guilty, whether the victim deserves to be compensated and if yes, the amount that has to be recovered. Also known as personal injury law, the Tort Law is a state and federal law derived from prior judicial cases.


The law helps the plaintiff determine the amount of money they may receive as compensation. Typically, recoveries may include compensatory losses such as medical bills, lost wages etc. and punitive damages in certain situations. In some cases, the victim or plaintiff may claim recovery for the patient’s deteriorated health and emotional distress caused due to injury, loss of enjoyment, etc.

To defend your legal rights, it’s extremely important that you seek the services of an experienced attorney who can guide you through the complexities of legal proceedings and evaluate your claim for compensation. Attorneys at law offices of Manley Traeger are extremely resourceful and experienced in handling personal injury cases. Some of the common types of personal injuries are caused due to car accidents, trucking accidents, slip and fall accidents, sexual abuse, medical malpractices, deliberate infliction of emotional distress, and manufacture of faulty products, etc.

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Auto Accident Attorneys in Eutaw can Evaluate Your Claim

Every year, thousands of lives are lost in several auto accidents including cars, trucks, motorbikes and buses, etc. The injuries caused may range from minor bruises and scrapes to serious injuries such as broken bones and head injuries eventually proving fatal.


If you or someone close to you has suffered injuries due to a car or any other motor vehicle accident caused by another person, it’s in your best interest to get in touch with a qualified Eutaw car accident attorney to get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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What Qualities You Must Look For In Your Auto Accident Lawyer?

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Since choosing the right legal support is crucial to the success of your case, you need to consider the following things before zeroing in on someone:


  • Comfort Level –Are you comfortable sharing your personal details with the lawyer and does the lawyer seem focused and committed to solving your problem?


  • Experience & Qualifications – How long has the lawyer been practicing for? Is the lawyer experienced in handling cases similar to yours?


  • Fee Structure – What is the fee structure of the trucking accident attorneys in Eutaw? Do they charge a flat fee or are they paid on an hourly basis? Can the lawyer share an estimate cost of your case?


  • Location – Is the lawyer’s office located close to yours?


It is always sensible to find out all about your attorneys prior to hiring them. Experienced car and accident attorneys in Eutaw can help you recover the optimum monetary compensation for your losses.

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Premises Liability Attorneys in Eutaw can Provide Excellent Legal Support

Premises liability is a legal term that takes into account the injuries or losses caused due to unsafe conditions on someone’s property. Although property owners are obliged under the state and federal laws to ensure proper maintenance of their buildings, the victim has to prove the negligence of the property owner with respect to property maintenance. Lawyers at law offices of Manley Traeger are proficient in handling all types of premises liability cases.


It is important to note that simply because you were injured on someone’s premises does not automatically make the property owner accountable. You have to prove that the property owner was aware of the unsafe condition of the premises and still failed to remedy the situation or take corrective measures. Eutaw premises liability lawyers experienced in handling cases similar to yours can help you navigate the intricacies of your premises liability case.

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Different Types of Premises Liability Cases

There are several types of personal injury cases that can be categorized as premises liability cases. Some of them are as follows:


  • Slip and Fall Cases: If you slip or fall on someone else’s property and sustain an injury due to the negligence of the owner, you can sue the owner for compensation. Some common situations that can lead to a fall, slip or a trip include oily floors, defective staircases, wet floors, slippery or half-torn carpets and rugs, etc.


  • Inadequate Building Security: These cases come up in residential buildings or offices where the building owner has the duty of securing access to the buildings. If a stranger breaks in and attacks someone residing in the building, the victim may file a premises liability lawsuit against the building owner.


  • Swimming Pool Accidents: Such accidents happen when swimming pools are left unsupervised and unguarded. Most states have laws that require swimming pools to be properly fenced with a proper locking gate. If the pool is left unprotected, the owner may be held legally responsible for the injuries caused to anyone who uses it or is found near it.


So, if you too have suffered injuries due to the negligence of a property owner, you must contact a premises liability attorney in Eutaw to understand the grounds of claiming compensation for your injuries.

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