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What You Need To Know About Escalator and Elevator Accidents

Most of us use escalators and elevators in offices, malls, tall residential buildings etc. to get to various floors. They are generally deemed quite safe. But sometimes, malfunctions and defects could creep in resulting in serious injury to the users. Skillful Montgomery injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger are always prepared and willing to help the victims of escalator and elevator accidents seek justice.

Casual Factors

It is quite common for managers and owners of private or public buildings to fail to keep a check on the maintenance of escalators and elevators. Apart from poor maintenance, factors such as overloading, overcrowding, flaws in design, mechanical or electrical malfunctions, the opening or closing of doors at the wrong time, limbs or clothes getting caught between moving parts, and a total elevator collapse are some of the most common causes of accidents. Even the sudden speeding up or abrupt stoppage of elevators cause users to slam against the wall or fall on the floor. Our Montgomery injury attorneys specialize in fighting premise liability cases and ensure that those injured in such accidents get adequately compensated.

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Preventive Measures

While the risk of injury in escalator and elevator mishaps is always a possibility, certain precautionary measures can help us minimize the risk.

  • Move away from entry or exit areas quickly and carefully.
  • Always hold the handrails.
  • Do not prevent the doors from closing.
  • Keep an eye on small children while using an elevator or escalator.
  • Stand facing forward.
  • Carts, strollers, and walkers should not be used on escalators.
  • In case of fire, avoid using elevators. Use the stairs instead.
  • Never try to force the door open. Instead, if the elevator stops abruptly, press the alarm button and wait.
  • Be careful while stepping on and off escalators.


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    If the building manager, a private or public property owner, or the team responsible for the maintenance of the escalator or elevator fail to properly inspect for defects, they may be held accountable for the consequent accident. Similarly, the manufacturer or the designer of the elevator or escalator can be held legally liable if it does not serve its intended purpose. Our premise liability attorneys in Montgomery help you hold the parties at fault liable for compensation for expenses incurred due to elevator-escalator related accidents.

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