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Dog Bite Lawyer in Montgomery, AL

Everybody loves pets. They are innocent and bring joy to everyone’s life. In the U.S, every household has a pet. Dogs are said to be a man’s best friend. They deserve love and affection. However, Dog owners should take good care of theirs and ensure that they do not harm anyone. Accidents like dog bites are highly common. Proper measures must be taken to avoid dangers that arise from such accidents. A victim of a dog bite accident has the legal right to hire a Dog Bite Lawyer Montgomery AL to seek compensation for the pain.

Dog bites require immediate medical attention. We understand that the medical expense in today’s time is sky-high. Our Montgomery Dog Bite Injury Lawyer has represented numerous dog bite victims to recover money for all the medical expenses and sufferings. If you are ever injured in a dog attack, we suggest you to quickly get in touch with our efficient Dog Bite Attorney Montgomery AL. The Federal law makes it mandatory for dog owners to pay for the unruly or dangerous behavior of their canines.

According to the U.S law, the dog owners shall be held liable if their four-pawed, furry creatures bite someone in a public place or a private property where the victim was lawfully present at the time of the assault. Some pet owners are adamant and cease to pay fair compensation for one’s pain and loss. That’s when a Montgomery Dog Bite Lawyer comes to rescue. Attorneys from the law offices of Manley Traeger are versed with animal law and known to tackle pet owners who don’t oblige the legal norms.



For dog bites, the liability statute looks pretty straightforward. If you are a victim, you just have to prove that you were bitten by a certain dog belonging to the person named in your lawsuit. However, there are some notable exceptions, which you should be fully aware of to obtain the right compensation for your injury. It is easy to find a loophole in any legal case. An experienced Dog Bite Attorney Montgomery from the Manley Traeger law office can help you exercise your right to fair and reasonable reimbursement for the physical and mental trauma you might have undergone.




Dog bite lawsuits are fairly simple. Like any legal battle, a simple legal case can get complex with the blink of an eye. We advise victims to take the assistance of a Montgomery Dog Bite Attorney as there are some notable exceptions that one must be aware of before attempting to file a lawsuit. A few examples are as follows:

  • Dog owners can only be held responsible for their pets’ behavior if the victim was legally present at the place where they were bitten. In other words, trespassers are not eligible to seek compensation for dog bites.
  • Private properties often display the ‘beware of dogs’ sign. Getting bitten after willfully ignoring such warnings may render you ineligible to seek any damages.
  • You are unlike to receive any compensation if you provoke a dog or hamper its peace. Getting bitten on account of deliberately provoking a canine does not make you a victim in the eyes of the law.

Hiring a professional Dog Bite Lawyer Montgomery can help you to understand the severity of your case. An experienced lawyer is well aware of the complications and would provide every legal assistance that can get you the compensation you rightfully deserve.



Dog bites can cause severe pain or injury to a victim who may have to seek proper medical care for avoiding serious outcomes in the future. We at Manley Traeger understand your pain and are here to provide you with every assistance that you require for recovering your compensation. Our Montgomery Dog Bite Injury Attorney is always available to hear your case and guide you legally. You need to follow the timeline that is restricted for filing a lawsuit. Contact us now for a free assessment of your case.

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