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How Our Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Dixon Mills, Alabama Can Help

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Being a victim of a car accident or any other type of accident can turn out to be one of the worst experiences of your life. In fact, it could lead to serious physical and psychological scars that may not heal over time. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to get in touch with a seasoned personal injury lawyer who can help you safeguard your legal rights. The idea of talking to an experienced personal injury lawyer may appear to be intimidating; yet, it significantly increases your chances of getting a fair compensation.

Our personal injury attorneys in Dixon Mill, Alabama at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger have successfully represented personal injury victims throughout Alabama for more than two decades. Some of the personal injury cases we handle include the following:

Auto accidents: Every year, millions of people get injured in motor vehicle accidents. Negligent and drunken driving and bad weather conditions may account for automobile accidents. The victims of personal injury are entitled to monetary compensation because of the physical injuries and financial losses suffered by them.

Medical Malpractice: The negligence of medical professionals and institutions such as doctors, nurses, hospitals etc. can cause serious injuries to patients. Some medical malpractice incidents include surgical errors, wrong medication, birth injury, and many more.

Premises Liability: Premises liability involves an accident that takes place on someone’s land due to a dangerous or defective condition. The law requires property owners to maintain reasonable safety conditions within their premises to ensure the safety of their visitors.

Product Liability: Defective and dangerous products can cause serious injuries to a person. The examples of unsafe products include dangerous food, drugs, consumer products, faulty vehicle parts, medical equipment, and toxic chemicals.

The veteran personal injury lawyer in Dixon Mill, Alabama can help you get the compensation you deserve. Get in touch with our attorneys today!

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Fast-Track Your Road to Recovery by Hiring Auto Accident Attorneys in Dixon Mills, Alabama

While no one plans to be a victim of a car accident, it’s always better to remain prepared for such unfortunate situations. When there’s an auto accident, there are multiple mistakes that people can make after the tragedy. Here are some of the common mistakes auto accident victims make:


  • Not informing law enforcement officer
  • Accepting fault
  • Not taking pictures at scene of accident
  • Not contacting insurance company
  • Not understanding your own legal rights
  • Waiting for prolonged period to file lawsuit


Most importantly, it’s imperative to get in touch with a veteran auto accident lawyer. Our auto accident attorneys in Dixon Mills, Alabama at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger will thoroughly investigate your case, gather all the required evidence, and obtain maximum possible compensation for you.

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Premises Liability in Dixon Mills, Alabama

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‘Premises liability’ is a specific area of the personal injury law. It deals with the legal responsibility of property owners to ensure the safe maintenance of their building premises for visitors. If poor or inadequate maintenance of a property leads to an injury, the owner of that property could be held liable for breach of duty. To prove a property owner guilty of causing harm, you will have to establish that the owner failed to keep their premises safe, and that you suffered injuries because of their laxity.

Any accident that occurs inside an apartment, office building, shopping mall etc. can be considered as a premises liability accident. Some of the most common types of premises liability accidents involve slip and fall accidents, dog bites etc. However, the liability of a property owner will depend on how often and carefully they maintain their premises. The common signs of negligence displayed by a property owner include but are not limited to inadequate lighting, cluttered walkaways, loose rugs, failure to warn visitors of hazardous conditions etc.

If you have suffered an injury due to the negligent act of a property owner, you deserve to be compensated. The Premises liability attorneys in Dixon Mills, Alabama can analyze the facts of your case and help you decide whether you should file a claim.

The Premises liability lawyer in Dixon Mills, Alabama have the experience and resources that can help the victims of premises liability accidents navigate the treacherous terrain of the personal

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