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If you are a victim of an injury or feel you have been wronged due to the negligence of another, you can rely on our legal professionals for expert guidance and straightforward legal advice. We are a team of no-nonsense individuals who worship hard work and strive for successful client satisfaction. Whether you are a victim of a minor scar or a major accident, our personal injury attorney DeKalb is available for your immediate help.

Many clients ask us what injury exactly can be termed as a personal injury case. Well, any injury that has caused you damage can be treated as a personal injury case. A court gives a victim the legal right to represent a personal injury case within an estimated period set by the law.

Before filing for an injury case you must consider a couple of important factors. They are:

  • You must file for a lawsuit within three years of an injury. If you cross that limit, your case automatically becomes null and void.
  • You must have enough evidence of your injury or damage caused by an offender.
  • If you are a victim of defamation, you must prove it to the court how it has damaged you, emotionally as well as financially.
  • If you are a victim of a default medical product or medical malpractice, you have the legal right to stand against the medical companies. You must maintain a file to document every detail related to the injury.
  • Not all injuries are liable to be compensated. You must consult a personal injury attorney DeKalb from the law offices of Manley Traeger to build a case and discuss the options available related to your injury.
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At Manley Traeger, the group of expert DeKalb car accident attorneys has and is continuing to represent hundreds of innocent clients who are seeking for justice and compensation. We understand the pain and difficulties a victim goes through after a car accident. A car accident can occur due to many reasons. Some common reasons are:

  • Distracted driving: It is the most common reason for car accidents in the U.S. It is important to be focused while you are on the wheel. A fraction of the second can change the whole scenario.
  • Drinking and driving: Liquor consumption tampers your concentration level and it is punishable offense by law. We advise you to avoid drinking after enjoying a couple of drinks.
  • Speeding & reckless driving: Many drivers love the adrenaline rush in reckless driving. A driver must follow the speed limit of 55km/h set by the federal government.
  • Running red lights: Abiding by the basic traffic rules can help in minimizing the rate of accidents. You must remember when you are speeding and running red lights, you are not only risking your life but also the life of other drivers.
  • Defected vehicle parts: It is unfortunate if you are a victim of a car accident due to the defected parts of a car. Regular inspection and maintenance can help in reducing the risk of such mishaps.

Hiring a professional DeKalb car accident attorney from the Manley Traeger law firm increases the chances of winning a case. We understand the importance of survival post an accident. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Most victims of a vehicle accident go through a tragic phase. Multiple questions are likely to arise in your mind like:

  • How will I survive?
  • Is my case even a valid one?
  • How much will I receive for my damages?
  • Who to turn for help?
  • Should I hire a professional?
  • How much will he charge and how I pay him?
  • Is there a chance for a win?

We, at Manley Traeger, are always available to answer every query of yours. We understand how devastating a truck accident can be especially when it collides with a passenger vehicle. If you are a victim of small injuries from a car accident or have lost a dear one to a massive truck collision, we sympathize with your loss and solemnly promise to fight for you with all we have got for your justice.

Our truck accident attorney DeKalb employs a professional approach for obtaining full and fair compensation for all your damages. We don’t fight aggressively and don’t give a chance to our clients to give up on us.

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If you have been injured due to a motorbike accident, Manley Traeger’s expert motorcycle accident attorney DeKalb is here to fight for you. It is extremely important to know about your legal rights and compensation you are entitled to by law. You might not be well aware of the policies and regulations of your state. If you do not have a complete understanding of the law you might face hurdles that tend to increase the complexities of your case.

That is why we advise motorcycle accident victims to seek legal help from our professional motorcycle accident attorney DeKalb and discuss the severity of the case before filing for a claim. We will be with you every step of the way.


We understand how important it is to find a proficient lawyer you feel comfortable to work with and discuss your legal matters without any hindrance. Our team of DeKalb premises liability attorney can help you to fight through any tough challenges related to your case. No matter how difficult the property owner or an insurance party gets, we have a reputation for providing the highest level of representation.

We are proud to claim that we treat our clients as our partners while working a case. We keep you informed of every detail related to the other and deploy our team and other required resources to do a thorough investigation. At Manley Traeger, we commit to getting you results. Are you an innocent victim and looking for assistance? Call now for a no-obligation consultation of your case.

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