Virtual Hearings

Times are changing. The onset of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to change the way we interact with the world and sent a ripple across industries and economies. The legal profession, too, has felt the impact of the pandemic and adopted certain measures to sustain itself in this crisis. Technology has been implemented on a large scale for communications and interactions, and almost every law firm, truck accident attorney and  personal injury lawyer in Montgomery and legal system across the United States is utilizing ICT to continue their operations.

Virtual hearings have become the norm in current times. So, what’s different with these digital sessions? What to and not to expect during such remote hearings? Here’s what you have to know about virtual hearing processes.


  • Always Stay in Touch

If a court decides to conduct a virtual hearing, then you will get to know of it via correspondence or with your lawyer. Check your mails and attend to all calls from your lawyer, and the court. Check often and inform them of any inconvenience for an alternative solution.


  • Arrange For All Essentialities

To participate in a remote hearing via telephone or video conferencing, make sure you are ready with all the necessary resources.

Here’s a list of them.

  1. Stable and fast Internet access
  2. An electronic device such as phone, tablet, computer with a decent built-in camera and microphone
  3. External camera and mic in case your device lacks an in-built one
  4. Video and teleconferencing application downloaded and installed properly

If you are unable to avail or utilize the above resources, make sure to inform the concerned authorities well in advance. Talk with your attorney and find out what other options there are.


  • Make arrangements for an undisrupted hearing

To ensure uninterrupted sessions, here are some things you should do:

  • Set up in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed or disrupted
  • Test your devices beforehand to ensure nothing goes awry
  • Follow all court instructions and connect well in advance
  • Once the hearing begins, follow the judge’s instructions carefully

A General Virtual Hearing Scenario

Apart from its remote nature, virtual hearing is just like regular hearing. The judge is in charge, and his or her instructions are paramount. All the attorneys and parties involved will make their case, speak in their turn and the judge will decide on the proceedings.

Video or phone communication sessions might experience certain glitches, such as accidental muting, cross talk, people temporarily loss of connection, background noise — so be prepared. Stay patient and stay in touch with your attorney till the end.

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One driver needs one license and that’s how it’s supposed to be. Unfortunately, some deceitful people try to manipulate the system by acquiring multiple licenses using fraudulent means. Commercial truck drivers go through extensive training and education to procure a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Operating a large truck, in fact, requires immense skill and practice. It would not be wrong to say that commercial truck drivers are some of the most skilled motorists on US roads. It is the drivers who resort to fraud and deceit to procure authentic documents that give a bad name. Also, they are the ones who are responsible for causing life-threatening accidents and collisions.

Greensboro Truck Accident Attorney


If you’ve become a victim of a trucking accident, our Greensboro trucking accident attorneys are available for assistance.

Read on to know how regardless of every US state having strict laws against drivers’ license fraud the cheating continues:

Why is a Commercial Driving License Important?

Commercial truck drivers are required to go through a rigorous education and training program to be licensed to operate big rigs. When truckers get behind the wheel without any training and experience, chances of collisions and crash fatalities increase significantly.


The following are some of the specific requirements to acquire a commercial driving license:

  • Studying the CDL manual
  • Passing a written exam to show an understanding of driving a truck
  • Getting a permit
  • Passing a driving test

Any individual desiring a license needs to be above the age of 18 and should have passed the written test in handling commercial vehicles. Most truck drivers obtain their license through legitimate channels. However, there are hundreds of truckers on the roads who resort to fraudulent means to acquire their licenses.

Ways in Which Trucking License Fraud is Committed

Commercial truck drivers can commit fraud in multiple ways. Here’s how some truckers obtain licenses, illegally:

  1. False Documents

Truck drivers end up falsifying documents such as birth certificates and identification cards. They often record their real age as being above the age limit for driving a truck.

  1. Cheating to Pass the Test

While taking the written test, trucking drivers resort to cheating. Most have been seen to use Bluetooth headsets, which they hide inside the ear, and a third party communicates all the answers during the test.

  1. Dishonest Examiners

There have been cases where examiners have been found to be grading driving tests incorrectly. While some examiners pass the students without even riding with them, there are others who ride only a short distance and award a passing grade. Some examiners have even been known to pass drivers without checking if the driver knew how to react during a collision.

  1. Fraudulent Methods Used by Truck Driving Schools

There have been cases in the past when trucking driving schools were guilty of providing false certification to students. In a particular case, 623 students were awarded false certifications. However, when they were retested, only 142 students could pass the test.

Consequences of Fraud Truck Licenses

While multiple US states have enforced strict penalties on drivers for using fraudulent commercial licenses, many drivers still manage to cheat traffic authorities. The exact number of dishonest truck drivers can never be known. However, as per experts, there can be hundreds of truck drivers out on US roads who hold falsified licenses. A driving license obtained by duping the system is a criminal act.

Get in Touch With a Veteran Trucking Accident Lawyer

Most truck drivers are law-abiding citizens who pass all the required training and tests before getting behind the wheel. Unfortunately, it’s the hundreds who dupe the system that spoil the reputation of honest truck drivers. These dishonest drivers pose a major threat to other vehicles and pedestrians on the roads and deserve to be punished. If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident, contact a competent trucking accident lawyer. Our Greensboro trucking accident attorneys have years of experience in tackling cases involving collisions with tankers, trailers, semi-trucks, and gigantic commercial trucks. Getting the assistance of a qualified attorney ensures that your rights are protected. With the help of our dedicated professionals, you can remain assured of the maximum possible payout.

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Getting involved in a rear-end car accident is the worst nightmare for everyone. Car accidents may result due to several reasons, and all of them could lead to legal responsibility. Rear-end car accidents are one of the most common types and may lead to fatal injuries. If you or someone you love has been involved in a rear-end collision, our auto accident attorneys in Greensboro, AL at Manley Traeger can provide complete legal assistance.

Here’s what you need to know about rear-end car accidents:

What is Rear-End Car Collision?

It’s one of the most common types of accidents when a car hits the rear bumper of another vehicle. There are times when such car accidents only lead to slight damage and minor injuries to the person in the vehicle. Unfortunately, there are also cases in which rear-end collisions lead to severe damage to vehicles, drivers, and other passengers.

Determining Fault in a Rear-End Collision

Once you file rear-end insurance claim, it’s time for the insurance company to determine fault. In most cases, drivers on the back are deemed responsible for a rear-end collision. However, there may be multiple instances when rear-end collisions occur due to extenuating circumstances:

  • Maintaining distance: The car driver at the back should ideally be maintaining a distance between them and the vehicle they are just behind. In case you are tailgating, and the vehicle in front of you stops suddenly, you may not have enough time to stop the car on time and this may lead to a deadly collision.
  • Multi-vehicle accidents: If your car is pushed into the car in front of you, the fault would be placed on the driver who hit your car.
  • Erratic behavior of the driver in front: If the driver in front displays erratic behavior such as accelerating in reverse or applying brakes at irregular intervals.
  • Lighting: If the driver in front doesn’t have functional tail lights and unexpectedly stops the car without deploying hazard lights, the driver could be held liable for the rear-end collision.

The manufacturer of your car could also be at fault if there are mechanical or manufacturing issues that directly led to the crash.

Challenging Decisions

After thorough analysis of your case by an insurance provider, if you are not satisfied with their decision, you need to follow a process for them to hear you out. The required steps include:

  • Detailed letter: First, you need to write a detailed letter specifying all the aspects of your case and why you believe that you were not given a fair compensation.
  • Documentation: Apart from a detailed letter, documentation is equally important. Written and signed statements, police reports, and reports from mechanics are essential to validate your case.
  • Pictures and videos: Pictures and videos can go a long way in clearly portraying what happened at the scene of the accident. If possible, it’s advisable to click pictures and capture videos of the scene of accident from as many angles as possible.

Reach Out to Our Auto Accident Attorneys in Greensboro

If you get involved in a rear-end car collision, it can be overwhelming, frightening, and confusing. Legal protections and compensation, however, can help you to recover in such difficult situations. Our auto accident attorneys in Greensboro at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger can help to assess your situation and obtain the necessary compensation. The seasoned auto accident attorneys in Greensboro can in fact, procure maximum reimbursement that you deserve.

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Slip and fall injury

Slip and fall accidents are common causes of injuries on private properties. While most of them are mere accidents and not caused due to someone else’s fault, others may be the result of a property owner’s negligence. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident in Marion, the legal precedents governing these cases are nuanced. Our premises liability attorneys in Marion, Selma are adept at tackling slip and fall accident cases with ease. Unfortunately, there is also misinformation floating as to how these matters are settled. Here’s busting 7 common myths about slip and fall accidents:

# Myth 1: Your Claim is not Legitimate

Accidents occur almost regularly. However, if you get injured on someone else’s property due to the negligence of the property owner, you may have a legitimate slip and fall injury case. The category of law that defines these types of cases is ‘premises liability’. As per the law of ‘premises liability’, the legal responsibility lies with the owner of the property on which the injury occurred. Do not allow any property owner to misguide you into believing that you do not have a legitimate claim to obtain compensation for all the damages.

# Myth 2: A Quick Settlement is Ideal for Both the Parties

Most slip and fall injury cases are indeed settled out of the court. That, however, doesn’t mean that an instant settlement is always in your favor. If you obtain compensation immediately after your injury, the insurance company may be taking advantage of your anxiety and vulnerability to deal with the medical expenses after an accident. They may end up forcing you into a settlement that is less than what you are entitled to.

# Myth 3: The Insurance Company is Working for Your Benefit

Insurance companies may come up with quick settlement immediately after an accident. It’s, however, important to note that insurance companies do not work for you and they are in the business to earn profits. While you may receive friendly, cooperative, and courteous behavior from the insurance representatives, the truth is they attempt to minimize compensation. The quicker you accept a settlement, chances are higher that you are receiving a reimbursement, that is significantly less than what you deserve. It’s, thus, advisable to get in touch with skilled and seasoned attorneys.

# Myth 4: You Cannot Recover Compensation if you are at Fault Partially

One of the most common defenses by property owners is that the victim is partially at fault for the accident. The fact of the matter is that even if you are at fault partly for the accident, it’s not a complete bar to the recovery of damage. There’s a concept of ‘comparative negligence’ in which both the defendant and plaintiff share the responsibility. At the Law Offices of Manley Traeger, our Marion premises liability attorneys can help you in obtaining favorable compensation for all your losses, even if you are partially at fault.

# Myth 5: A Caution Sign at the Property Enables a Property Owner to Escape Liability

It’s a common misconception that merely posting a warning sign can minimize liability in a premises liability case. From a legal perspective, it’s more challenging to substantiate the negligence of the property owner. There are, however, factors such as whether the signs were visible to the victim during the accident. Our premises liability attorneys in Marion, Selma are adept at meticulously preparing for litigation and coming up with well-defined strategies tailored to your case.

# Myth 6: You are Compensated Only for Physical Injuries

You may get compensated only for physical injuries. However, truth is you may get compensated for a variety of other things after an accident such as loss of wages, emotional turmoil, and loss of ability to enjoy everyday pleasures.

# Myth 7: You Can File a Claim Whenever You Want

Technically, this statement is correct, but there’s always a statute of limitations that you need to be aware of. Ideally, the time for filing a claim starts the moment you are injured. You basically have two years and in some states just three years to file a case, but other circumstances also play a significant role in determining the deadline. Thus, it’s always advisable to discuss your case with a veteran attorney.

Seek the Assistance of Premises Liability Attorneys in Marion, Selma

Slip and fall accidents can lead to life-threatening injuries, that may require extensive medical care. After an injury, you typically have two to three years to file a case. Thus, it’s always a good idea to get in touch with a local attorney. Our premises liability attorneys in Marion, Selma at Manley Traeger, have years of experience in tackling complicated premises liability cases. If you’ve suffered slip and fall injuries in Marion, Selma, reach out to our team without slightest delay!

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Holiday season is just round the corner and you have already planned your days, all the fun and activities that you would be doing at this time of the year. But with all the fun comes the responsibility to keep yourself and your family members safe from some unforeseen tragedy.

“In 2017, 329 people died on New Year’s Day, 463 on Thanksgiving Day and 299 on Christmas Day, according to injury facts.”

So here is a compiled list of holiday safety tips that you must follow for getting an experience that holds only happiness.

Road safety is must to consider in holiday season

  • If your place is witnessing heavy snowfall then you should prepare your car accordingly before undertaking a long journey.
  • Keep an emergency utility kit in your car in case you get stuck somewhere due to bad weather conditions or some other road problem.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before leaving next day for the journey so that you do not feel drowsy while driving.
  • Avoid time durations when certain roads that you need to take are experiencing heavy traffic.
  • When hiring a driver for your holiday season make sure to get the best one who is proficient in driving and is also responsible.

Practice safe decoration methods

Holiday season is nothing without all those sparkling and shiny decorations but they too can lead to some emergencies which can be avoided by following holiday safety tips.

  • Some varieties of plants that are commonly seen in holiday season are poisonous such as- holly berries, amaryllis and mistletoe. Keep these plants away from the kids.
  • When purchasing an artificial Christmas tree make sure that it is resistant to fire.
  • Try not to put sharp, small or broken decorations on the lower part of the tree as the kids might ingest it causing internal bleeding.
    When putting lights check the sockets and wires for any cracks or loose connections.
  • Put the Christmas tree away from the fire place or any other heat source in the premises of the house.
  • Before leaving the house make sure to turn off all lights, chimney or other heating sources.

Save yourself from food poisoning

During the holiday season you are all excited to eat all the delicacies and varieties of food, after all holidays are all about eating, drinking and having fun. But eating at many places or unhealthily can increase your risk of suffering with food poisoning. So follow these holiday food safety tips mentioned below-

  • Keep hand sanitizers and wash your hands often before eating or cooking.
  • When making non-vegetarian dishes clean the meat properly and avoid keeping it in open or contaminated places.
  • When planning to dine somewhere out choose an eating place that has received good reviews and has got no cases related to food poisoning.
  • The leftovers of thanksgiving should be consumed within 2 to 3 days.
  • Store turkey in a proper way and refrigerate it as soon as possible.

Gift toys that become a reason of joy not an injury

Gifts, presents and giveaways are a common aspect of every holiday season but they are also responsible to cause maximum injuries in children. “More than a quarter of a million children were seriously injured in toy-related incidents in 2017.”

So here are some gifting safety tips for this holiday season-

  • When purchasing toys go through the age limitations and warning for any hazardous items which is mentioned behind the box.
  • Avoid toys that have got small parts, batteries or other sort of tiny items that can be swallowed by kids.
  • If you are planning to gift your child with a scooter, cycle or a tricycle then also provide them with appropriate safety gears.

Holidays are the biggest reason to be happy. It is the only time of the year when you get to meet your relatives, enjoy together as a family and plan out your much awaited trip. Making it a memorable one is what you want and this is the reason why you should follow all the holiday safety tips mentioned above.

When involved in a motor vehicle accident due to the negligence or mistake of other person can create a feeling of frustration and loss. Also many times it so happens that the accident is not even that big, like when two vehicles slightly gets touched or a minimal dent. In such cases you can only opt to contact your insurance company. But, knowing when to hire a motor vehicle attorney in Montgomery AL or any other place is also important.

So go through the points given below that will help you in taking the decision-

  • Severe injury– If you or your family member/loved one has incurred serious injuries such as fracture and broken bones and are likely to be admitted in the hospital then this situation calls for the attention of an attorney.
  • Fatal injury- When the car accident leads to death whether of the person on the driver seat or any other passenger sitting in the car then it becomes mandatory to call an attorney right away.
  • Opposite drivers fault- If it is not your mistake and it is a clear fault or negligence of the other person then you should seek for legal guidance.
  • Accident in a construction zone- When motor vehicle accident takes place in a construction zone and involves hitting a worker because of the negligence from the side of the driver then heavy penalty is issued and a lawyer is involved for the same.
  • Inaccurate police report- A police report that holds false claims and does not describe the scenario clearly can weaken your overall claim case. So you need to hire an attorney that can talk to them on your behalf and sort the situation.
  • Other person involves an attorney- After the accident takes place it can happen that the opposition party hires an attorney. This way you can suffer from their false claims and you would not know what to do. Then you need to get your very own attorney to defend you in front of their attorney.
  • Issues with insurance company- Insurance companies are not always in your favor and try to manipulate you to settle for the minimal claim. Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys in Montgomery AL are experts in dealing with the insurance companies and getting you the maximum claim.
  • When you are not sure of your rights- Being thorough on all your rights can be a bit difficult and confusing but attorneys exactly know word to word about all you rights and how to get them for you.

After a motor vehicle accident you should always contact an attorney irrespective of the situation or your dilemma if you need an attorney or not.

Mostly the lawyers don’t charge for any consultation and also work on contingency basis. This means that you only need to pay them when you get your maximum settlement. So it is always recommended to seek the help of an experienced lawyer rather than being stuck in such a dire situation and suffering the consequences.


Being involved in a truck accident can cause a huge turmoil and later gaining the compensation for your loss can be a whole lot of stress. Your every action after the truck accident determines if you will win or lose the insurance claim so retaining a truck accident lawyer right after is the best move.

Hiring a truck accident attorney in Montgomery AL or from some other place helps you with the protection of your rights, negotiating for the deserved settlement and getting you the best compensation.

Below mentioned are the Top five reasons of why hiring a truck accident lawyer is highly imperative-

1 Lawyer is well aware of the legal procedure

It is important to have a certain level of experience or expertise before dealing with the legal procedure and getting a sure win outcome. For dealing with the cases related to truck accidents one needs to be thorough on trucking industry laws and rules/regulations of traffic in that state. Filing a case yourself can be risky as it may lack accuracy leading to critical errors and finally denial by the court. Hence, it is important to hire a lawyer that is already experienced with all the paperwork and legal proceedings.

2 Safety of evidence

For strengthening any sort of legal case, evidence is the most significant part. In case of truck collision the main piece of evidence is the black box. In some states electronic logging devices or black box are issued as the company’s property because of which they hold the right to the evidence which they can even destroy. Lawyers are capable of filing restraining orders so that the evidence can be saved and used for the proceedings.

3 Deadlines will be regularly followed

You don’t get a lot of time to bring your claim to the court. There are fixed deadlines issued by the court which needs to be followed, failing to do so can lead to losing the ultimate opportunity of getting your compensation. Lawyers are well prepared in advance to meet the assigned deadlines and meeting the exact requirements that are ordered by the court.

4 Lawyers know how to speak to insurance companies

Insurance companies try to persuade you for settling the claim at minimum amount. They are not on your side and would want you to not turn the case into a legal matter as it will be a hurdle to them. Hiring a truck accident attorney will not just save you from settling for a mediocre price but will also get you the maximum recovery cost.

Attorneys know the rules and environment of a courtroom

Undoubtedly, courtrooms are the regular workplace for attorneys and they are comfortable out there unlike some of us who are scared of courtrooms. If your insurance negotiation didn’t go that well then a lawyer is liable to take your case to the courtroom. Representing your case well in front of the judge and jury is very important for your victory and only lawyers can do that well. They know how to frame the scenario and arrange the needed requirements for the overall proceedings.

So if you or any of your loved one is a victim of truck accident then it is important to consider a truck accident attorney in Montgomery AL who would know how to deal with your case and will save you from all the distress and sadness in the days following the accident.

HB 212 Grace Period Ends

Alabama’s new law is intended to reduce the amount of time drivers spend in the left-hand lane.

In 2017, there were over 50,000 crashes that resulted in injuries on Alabama roadways. Of those crashes, nearly 1,000 of them were fatal accidents.

Alabama Department of Transportation officials are attempting to reduce that number with HB 212, the Anti Road Rage Law.

The bill was passed by lawmakers during the last legislative session. It prohibits vehicles from travelling in the left lane of the interstate for more than a mile and a half without passing another vehicle.

Exceptions to the Rule

There are exceptions in cases of heavy traffic congestion, inclement weather, road obstructions or if a driver is preparing to take an exit from the left lane.


  1. Congestion: If traffic is preventing you from driving in the right lane, you can remain in the left lane.
  2. Bad weather and road hazards: The new law states, you are allowed to drive in the left lane if these conditions are present.
  3. Exit and Toll: When your exit is on the left, or you’re paying a toll, you are allowed to drive in the left lane.
  4. Authorized Vehicles: Law enforcement and first responders, while on duty, are allowed to drive in the left lane.
  5. Construction: If construction forces traffic to the left, it is okay to stay in the left lane.

Road Rage

A recent AAA study suggests 80% of drivers reported feeling angry or aggressive when left lane drivers wouldn’t move over.

Proponents of the bill say will prevent driver frustration when vehicles stay in the left lane for too long. 

The bill went into effect on Sept. 1. Law enforcement gave out warnings for the first 60 days.

Starting on November 1st, violators will receive a ticket for up to $200.

Ticketing Begins November 2nd

In May 2019, Alabama passed a law requiring everyone in a travelling in vehicle to wear a seat belt. Previously the seat belt requirement only applied to those in the front seat, and minors in the back seat. The law went into effect on September 1, however there has been under a 60 day trial period, and law enforcement have not been ticketing offenders.

That all changes on November 1st. Police will begin ticketing violators.

The failure of back seat passengers to wear a seat belt is a secondary violation. A ticket will only be written for a secondary violation in the event a vehicle was already stopped for another reason.

Seat Belts Save Lives

Despite the fact that seat belt use has significantly grown over the last 10 years, 22% of back seat riders are unlikely to wearing their seat belts.

The National Transportation Safety Board estimates seat belt usage in passenger vehicles saved almost 15,000 lives in 2017.

If you are riding in an automobile, it is not only your safest option to wear a seat belt, it is illegal not to.

Law Offices of Manley Traeger Perry Stapp Compton

Seat belts significantly reduce the injuries car accident victims sustain. If you were in a wreck, a car accident attorney may be able to help you get financial compensation for your losses.

Determining Liability in Slip and Fall Injury Cases

Slip & Fall Injury Attorney

Whether it’s at the workplace or on someone else’s premises, slip and fall accidents are common. There are times when the floor is slippery and at other times there’s obstruction on the walkway. Irrespective of the cause, if a person is injured due to negligence of someone else, the defendant is liable for the injuries. While there are numerous injuries associated with slip and fall accidents, compensation awarded could be for different categories of injury such as medical bills, attorney fees, and pain and suffering. Our Montgomery slip & fall injury lawyers at the Law Offices can help you obtain maximum compensation in case of any injury.

Here are some of the general rules for you to decide whether someone else was responsible for your slip and fall injuries:

Who is Liable?

If you’ve suffered injuries due to slip and fall on someone else’s property, one of the following must be true:

  • The premise owner was aware of the dangerous surface condition but did nothing about it
  • The owner of the premises or an employee was responsible for the spill which led to the slip and fall accident
  • The employee or owner of the premise should have known about the dangerous condition because any ‘reasonable’ person taking care of the property would have discovered and repaired it

Comparative Negligence

In every slip and fall injury case, the victim must decide whether his/her negligence contributed to the accident. The rule of ‘comparative negligence’ help measure your own carelessness which led to the accident. Here are some questions which you should ask yourself about your own conduct:

  • Had you been a little more careful, would you have noticed the dangerous spot and avoided it?
  • Were you distracted by something else?
  • Were there any warning signs which you missed?

It’s essential to describe clearly to your insurance adjuster that you were not careless. However, it’s never advisable to admit your fault to your insurance adjuster. Reason being that your insurance company will make an utmost effort to prove your liability and offer minimum possible compensation.

For a better understanding, here are some of the common injuries in slip and fall accidents:

  • Head injuries
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Torn ligaments
  • Pelvic injuries

Categories of Compensation in Slip and Fall Injury Cases

In slip and fall injury cases, general compensatory damages are awarded to the injured person. The reimbursement can be divided into economic and non-economic damages. These include:

Non-Economic Damages

These awards compensate an injured victim for all the damages that are non-monetary such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • Mental pain and suffering

Special compensatory damages are also awarded in cases where there are monetary damages including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of future wages
  • Cost of future medical expenses

Reach Out to Our Competent Legal Professionals

If you’re hurt in a slip and fall accident, get in touch with our experienced Montgomery slip and fall injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger. With more than two decades of experienced in tackling complicated injury cases, we help to prepare your case and determine liability. With in-depth legal knowledge, we help you understand the strength and weaknesses of your case and build a strategy to ensure the most effective outcome.

Our compassionate slip & fall injury attorneys in Montgomery, AL understand that injuries are stressful. Therefore, we make an utmost effort to provide complete legal support.

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