Motorcycle accidents are one of the most common accidents in the US. Like most other accidents, motorcycle accidents can leave critical injuries for the victims to suffer.  Such accidents not only bring physical pain but also can be the result of emotional distress.

By law, a victim has all the rights to file a lawsuit against the accused or make a claim for the incurred losses. However, filing a lawsuit without consulting a Montgomery motorcycle accident lawyer can prove to be disadvantageous for the victim.

You see, there are countless legal obligations that a regular individual may not be aware of. The defense will leave no chance to prove the innocence of his client and damage your case. Taking the help of a Montgomery motorcycle accident lawyer would be the right decision to avail the necessary legal aid to win your case.

In law, a mutual settlement is the first option that both parties have before the case goes in for trial. Many victims opt for settlements as a trial is a lengthy process and can have unpredictable outcomes.

However, there are several reasons why victims should not accept a settlement right after an accident without consulting an injury attorney in Montgomery. For instance, you may not be in the right mind after your accident to analyze the situation and determine a fair settlement amount. In that case, you would end up with a lesser amount than you deserve.

So, Can A Victim Refuse A Settlement?

Of course, s/he can. Negotiation is usually made between the attorney of the victim and the insurance company. It’s on your injury lawyer to evaluate the damages and determine the right compensation amount.

Many victims denied a mutual settlement mainly because the settlement offer was not reasonable. The plaintiff has no choice but to go for a trial if the defendant doesn’t offer an adequate settlement. In the case of punitive damages, it completely makes sense for the plaintiff to opt for the trial process by denying a settlement.

What Can A Victim Do After Refusing A Settlement?

Accident victims often opt for a trial because they believe the value of the damages might exceed the settlement offer. But there are risks involved in the process.

Here are some challenges you might have to endure in case you refuse a settlement after a motorcycle accident:

  • Getting into trial can be very expensive for most victims, depending on the intensity of the case.
  • While hiring an attorney can be a good move for your case, it can be costly.
  • If you consider the procedural costs, you will see that you get a lesser amount in your pocket than the offered settlement value.
  • Another concerning factor that arises when a victim loses a case is that s/he might have to take the burden of the other side’s costs. You might even have to bear up the cost of the attorney.

That’s why a victim must consult an attorney before accepting or refusing a settlement amount. While you may not understand the potential challenges, a lawyer has the experience of dealing with all possible adversities associated with a legal decision.

If you are worried about the legal charges, always go for lawyers who have sufficient experience handling accident cases. Many highly experienced lawyers these days offer extensive legal service on a contingency fees basis. Here, you don’t pay a penny if you don’t receive any compensation. So, why wait? Consult a lawyer to schedule a FREE evaluation of your case and learn more about your legal options.

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7 Factors That Increase The Risk of Truck Accidents

Truck Accident

There are several factors that contribute to serious truck crashes. By identifying and addressing them, trucking company owners can reduce the threat of severe collisions. Let’s take a look at the factors that increase the risk of truck accidents:

1. Fatigue


Most truck drivers have an irregular sleep pattern due to the prolonged hours on the road. Though several regulations govern the working hours of a truck driver, trucking companies often choose to ignore them.

2. Health Problems


Driving a truck is sedentary work which demands sitting for prolonged periods of time. Moreover, most drivers resort to eating processed food items. These factors contribute to health issues for drivers and these health challenges often increase the chance of truck accidents.

3. Truck Defects


Faults in the truck or in any of its parts and components can be dangerous for the driver and risk public safety. Serious defects in the truck triple the probability of truck drivers being involved in a crash. Fortunately, various safety technologies significantly reduce the risk of collisions.

4. Driver Negligence

Truck Driver Distraction

The negligent actions and inexperience of drivers are one of the major contributing factors in a trucking rollover accident. Driver distractions usually come in multiple forms, such as texting, talking on the phone, drinking, eating, or looking at billboards while driving.

5. Poor Road Conditions


Poor highway conditions can make driving even more difficult. Adverse road conditions could include sharp curves on winding roads, bumps, or road debris. To avoid accidents, truck drivers should drive on these high-risk areas with immense care.

6. Excess Load


Most overloaded trucks have a high risk of rollover. If the truck’s tanker is carrying fluids, sudden brakes or maneuvers may lead the liquid to spill, and the truck to lose balance and rollover.

7. Lack of Truck Maintenance


Before embarking on any trip, motorists are expected to do a thorough inspection of their vehicles and take into account the following components, such as brakes, rear view mirrors, lights and reflectors, horn, and emergency equipment.

Truck collisions are different from car accidents in several ways. The injuries and damage are much more severe and complicated in a truck accident. Therefore, it’s vital that experienced lawyers handle trucking accidents. Our truck injury attorneys in Montgomery AL at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger have decades of experience to defend your interests. With our resources, skills, and experience, we are in a suitable position to protect the rights of the victims.



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5 Road Hazards Motorcyclists Should Be Careful Of

Road hazard is one of the most common causes of accidents. While all motorists have to deal with risks such as debris on oadways, slippery surfaces, small objects, and uneven road surfaces, motorcyclists need to have complete focus on these hazards.

If you feel that unsafe road conditions have led to your accident, our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in Montgomery, AL at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger can help. Our legal representatives have a team of skilled paralegals, clerks, and assistants who can thoroughly investigate your case to determine if you have a valid claim. The injury attorneys in Montgomery, AL can help with all the aspects of your claim process. Let’s take a look at 5 common road hazards and ways to avoid them:

1. Loose Gravel:

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Montgomery AL

This is one of the most dangerous surfaces for bikes, particularly when making maneuvers. Unfortunately, gravel on roads is common on winding roads. Accidents caused by gravel often occur when motorcyclists are going too fast.

2. Animals:

Hitting an animal can throw a motorcycle off balance. Large animals such as deer can be a major hazard in areas with the deer population. Moreover, hitting large animals can be fatal for the motorcycle rider.

3. Slippery Surfaces:

Slippery surfaces are more dangerous for motorcycles than cars. As motorcycles are lighter and smaller in size, slippery surfaces may lead to a deadly crash. Bikers need to be cautious after the first rain. Usually, mud and oil on the road combine to form a slippery surface. Also, rainstorms are equally dangerous.

4. Debris:

Tire treads, trash, boxes, tools, and rocks are all examples of debris that can lead to motorcycle crashes. Debris on the road can cause the riders to lose control of their bikes, thereby leading to deadly crashes.

5. Railway Tracks:

Motorcycle tires often get caught in railway tracks and crossings. Some railways tracks also have wood or metal between tracks which become slippery when wet.

Ways to Avoid Such Hazards

Motorcyclists can potentially avoid the above-mentioned road hazards but this requires identifying the dangers and knowing the preventive measures to escape a crash. Here are some of the steps that motorcyclists can adopt in certain situations:

Slow Down:

If the surface is slippery due to rain, ice, snow or gravel, motorcyclists need to reduce the speed instantly. Ideally, bikers need to avoid sudden moves. Rather, gradual movements can maintain the balance of the bike.

Avoid Distractions:

Distractions such as texting or talking on the phone while driving may lead to deadly accidents and injuries.

Avoid Adverse Weather Conditions:
Montgomery Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Adverse weather conditions are particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. During extreme weather conditions, it’s particularly dangerous to ride on bridges or gaps of buildings. On the other hand, motorcyclists should ride on the lane that offers space to move.

React Promptly:

If a biker sees a hazard on the path ahead, the biker needs to maneuver promptly.

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident and wish to learn about the options for recovery, our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in Montgomery can help.We discuss your rights and build a strong case for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. We also offer a free analysis of your case to determine if you have a viable claim.

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