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Sometimes life can throw you some unexpected surprises. No matter how much you try and plan, a curveball is thrown your way. You find yourself the victim of a bad car crash or other terrible accident and your whole world turn upside down. These particular types of crashes are complex and violent in nature and hence getting recovered from them mentally and emotionally can become a tougher task when individuals tend to fight for justice on their own.

How Does Car Accidents Take Place?

While some of these car accident causes may seem obvious and redundant to experienced drivers, they are seen as the most common factors leading to disastrous consequences in future.

  • Speeding
  • Drunk Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Running Stop Signs & Red Lights
  • Design Defects
  • Tire Blowouts
  • Deadly Curves
  • Unsuitable Weathers

 Common Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents are horrifying and unfortunately, deadly. While some of the injuries are relatively minor and can be dealt with ease, millions of other people suffer serious injuries or even die in these high-speed collisions. Some of the most common forms of injuries include:

  • Broken Bones
  • Amputations
  • Burn Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Spine Injuries
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We Have The Experience And Skill Set to Ensure a Fair Claim Settlement

Crucial Steps To Be Followed In A Car Accident

When you get into a car accident, there are certain steps you need to take in order to make sure everyone is safe, to follow the law and to get the insurance claim process started for the situation. Such decisions guide you and your case through important phases and determine the future of it.

  • Stay at the Scene
  • Checking The Injuries Of Another Party Involve
  • Seeking Immediate Medical Attention
  • Exchange Information
  • Talk To Witnesses
  • Hold Off Before Making Any Statement Regarding The Crash
  • Document The Accident
  • Collect Suitable Evidence
  • Consider Hiring an Attorney

Why Do You Need Manley Traeger & Their Expert Guidance?

The “right” car accident attorney is always needed by a victim of any form of accident. A great Marion car accident lawyer will protect the innocent victim’s rights against the big, powerful insurance companies and their team will take care of all of your needs; leaving you stress-free and with the necessary time to focus on getting the proper medical treatment.


Our Car Accident Attorneys in Marion work as efficiently as possible to ensure the case doesn’t take longer than it needs to so you can focus on getting your life back on track. Our experiences and professional 18 wheeler accident attorneys goes through several procedures including:

  • Investigation of the accident
  • Management of the necessary paperwork
  • Negotiation with the insurance companies
  • Filing of complaints on the client’s behalf
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Settlements & Compensations Provided Through Our Experience

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Getting a fair accident settlement is never easy. Unfortunately, negotiating a car accident claim with an insurance company can be a stressful and drawn-out process. Such companies know their clients’ weaknesses and their experiences guide them on how to deal with such situations, even if it involves sacrificing clients’ will.

This is where our Car Accident Attorneys in Marion comes to your rescue and grants you the compensations covering your expenses & losses. Some of their compensations include:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of Consortium
  • Lost Earning Capacity

Our Vision

We aim at protecting people with excellence and brilliance. Our Marion Injury Attorney believes in complete transparency with its clients and only serves them with facts and truth instead of fabricated situations to lure them. Our strength, knowledge, and resources set us apart from major competitors in the industry. By tracking and measuring results, our Marion Car Accident Attorneys ensure perfection and consistency in each and every task.

Why Choose Us?

Our Marion Car Accident Lawyers at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger are familiar with the extensive requirements that apply when it comes to winning such cases. They are committed to earning customers loyalty by offering the highest level of professional services. Some of our distinguishing qualities include:

  • Thorough research and investigations
  • Large Chain Of Networks
  • Customer support at every step
  • Matched To Your Needs
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