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Motor vehicle accidents account for a large portion of the total number of injuries and deaths sustained by people each year. Car accidents are life-changing experiences. The crash itself is only the beginning of what turns out to be an extremely long process of filing insurance claims, determining faults, looking for evidences and most importantly, getting the closure one needs especially after such accidents.

Causes Of Car Accidents

Car accidents occur for a vast multitude of reasons. While problems with roads or safety facilities lead to some accidents, a high percentage of car accident victims are injured or killed because of the drivers’ failure to abide by regulations, consider pedestrians, and acknowledge dangerous behaviours. Some of the most common factors causing them are:

  • Unsafe road environments
  • Speeding
  • Failure to recognize the danger
  • Defects In The Car

Relevant Measures To Be Taken In Car Accidents

Car accidents are horrifying and unfortunately, deadly. It’s essential to know what to do after a car accident so that the situation doesn’t get any worse. Reaching your goals of the best settlement requires some of the measures to be taken after such an accident. Some of the most relevant steps are: 

  • Staying & Reporting The Crash Scene
  • Connecting With The Police
  • Seeking Evidence & Witnesses
  • Getting In Touch With The Insurance Company
  • Getting Your Case Evaluated By A good car accident attorney
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We Have The Experience And Skill Set to Ensure a Fair Claim Settlement

Who Are We?

At the Law Offices of Manley Traeger, our Car accident attorneys of Greensboro take a personal approach so you will feel that your case is receiving the right amount of time and attention. Our superior customer service is supported by a staff that really cares about your case and an attorney who has the knowledge, understanding and consideration for your specific circumstances. We have the experience and the dedication you need for the victory you truly deserve.

Car Accidents Settlements & Claims Offered By Us

Many injuries that are suffered from car accidents are so severe that they will require long-term treatments and care. Our Greensboro Car Accident Attorneys will prepare a comprehensive claim and seek maximum compensation for any accident-related expenses and losses, including:

  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Property Damage
  • Quality of Life
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Trust Us For Everything Related to Your Car Accident Claim

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Why Do You Need Our Professional Guidance & How Do We Get Paid?

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When a loved one is killed or catastrophically injured in a crash caused by a motor vehicle, the defence deploys a rapid response team to massage the evidence before the victim’s family is notified. Without correct action, crucial evidence may get lost or destroyed. That is why it is important to immediately hire a Greensboro car accident trial attorney after a catastrophic crash.

Our Greensboro injury attorney will guide you through the aftermath of a serious accident. They dedicate the time and effort necessary to evaluate your case and then establish the best approach based on your particular needs. Our experienced attorneys will assist you by: 

  • Investigation of the accident
  • Providing a Free Consultation
  • Management of the necessary paperwork
  • Making Sure You Fully Understand Your Legal Rights.

As far as our fees are concerned, our lawyers lay a complete foundation of trust for the clients by not charging even a single penny if the compensation amount does not get recovered.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our team of attorneys have been representing the victims of a car accident for over 3 decades. We have the best legal team in Greensboro that is ready to help you receive the compensation that you are owed. Some of our impressing traits include:

  • Dedication
  • Financial Resources
  • Affordable Services
  • Free Compensation

How Do You Get In Touch With Us?

Depending upon the case and damages involved in it, the clients can directly choose to contact our professional team through emails, contact numbers or even by visiting our offices in Montgomery, Selma and Demopolis. Our Greensboro car accident lawyers are readily available to those in need even through their official website. By filling a form or submitting the essential details of the case, clients are provided with the facility to seek solutions online and for getting in touch with us.

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