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Car Accident Attorney in Eutaw, AL

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A car collision or accident can lead to legal consequences for the driver. “Guilty or not guilty” is a matter of court. In a car accident, your car may collide with another motor vehicle, animal, human being, or any government properties. Car accident includes damage of one or both the parties. In such a situation, the involvement of legal professionals remains significant. Car Accident Lawyer in Eutaw at the law offices of Manley Traeger can help you recover from the injury caused during the accident. Apart from this, attorneys also give assistance to claim car insurance in case of any damages.

What Are The Different Types of Car Accidents?

  • Intersection Car collision
  • Rear-end collision
  • T-bone Car collision
  • Off-road Car collision
  • Hit and Run Car collision
  • Phantom Car collision
  • Sideswipe Car collision
  • Roll-over Car collision
  • Head-On Car collision
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What Steps I Should Take After a Car Accident?

Step1: Check if anyone is physically hurt, if yes, reach out for medical help. Call ambulance.

Step2: Inform the police immediately

Step3: Do not disclose any personal opinion or guilt or liability regarding the accident to the other party.

Step4: Collect the basic information related to the accident.

  • Other party’s name, address, license plate number (if any)
  • Details of the car accident (location, time and cause)
  • Insurance status
  • Name of the insurance company
  • Insurance company’s policy
  • Other party’s state of mind (conscious or unconscious)

Step5: Fill Car accident form

Step6: Hire Eutaw Car Accident Attorney

What Are The Common Causes of Car Accidents? 

  • Driving with an unconscious state of mind (intoxication, alcohol consumption and use of drugs)
  • Driving with a distracted state of mind (texting, calling, drinking, eating or reading while driving)
  • Legal driving speed limit violation
  • Climatic change (rain)
  • Natural disasters (earthquake, tsunami, flood)
  • Construction site (ignoring “work-in-progress” instructions)
  • Traffic rules violation (Ignoring Red light instruction)
  • Condition of the car (damages, and design error and brakes failure)
  • Road rules violation (ignoring u-turns, picking the wrong side of the road)
  • Driving-age limit violation (teenager driving)
  • Animal’s crossing
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Car Accident Compensation and Claim

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What is Car Accident Compensation?

Car accident compensation is a monetary compensation claimed from the other party (in case of guilty) to recover from a car or personal property damage. As a victim of a car accident, you have a right to claim Car accident compensation.

How to Claim Car Accident Compensation?
  • Discuss Car accident injury with your lawyer and police in details
  • Take Medical and mechanical examination to officialize any physical or personal property damage.
  • Generate a file of evidence to verify the negligence of the other party (if there!)
  • Choose between a personal settlement or court settlement
  • Hire Car accident attorney Eutaw, AL
  • Why should I need Car accident lawyer & How Lawyers get paid?
  • Involvement in a car accident (guilty or not guilty)
  • Serious medical injuries due to the accident (to you or the other party)
  • Death (of anyone due to the accident)
  • Settle fines and penalties of driving in a construction zone
  • Car Accident Police report filed against you
  • Claim Car Insurance
  • Claim Car accident compensation
  • Car accident attorney are paid as per the contingency fee agreement. According to this agreement, you are obliged to pay the lawyer upon receiving any type of car accident compensation.

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