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Car accidents can happen anywhere, be it in traffic, on a roadside, neighborhood or even in a parking lot. Depending upon the severity of the collision, the resulting impact can be determined. Have a look at the most common type of car accidents observed in Butler, Demopolis AL.

If you or your loved one has suffered a car accident injury in Butler due to someone else’s negligence, our Car Accident Lawyer in Butler can help. Call us today.

Vehicle Rollover
  • Vehicle rollover crashes are mostly complex and violent.
  • This type of accident determines the interaction of the driver with the road, vehicle and environmental factors.
  • It is observed that 85% of rollover-related accidents occur under the influence of alcohol.
Single Car Accidents
  • This type of car accident involves only one vehicle.
  • The crash occurs due to run-off-road collisions, collisions with fallen debris, rollovers, and collisions with animals.
Rear-End Collision
  • The reason for such accidents is mainly driver’s distraction, tailgating, panic stops, unfavorable weather conditions etc.
Head-On Collision
  • This is the type of accident where the front end of the vehicles hit each other in the opposite direction
  • These accidents are considered as fatal road accidents.
  • Being aware of traffic signals, street conditions, driving in the right lane etc. plays a significant role in avoiding such accidents.

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Steps You Should Take After A Car Accident In Butler

Accidents are always disturbing. You lose control on taking necessary steps thereafter. No matter what the situation is, you should definitely keep these steps in mind.

  • Seek Medical assistance immediately
  • Call the police for first assistance
  • Take photographs of the dangerous driving situation such as weather conditions, roadway, condition of the vehicle, obstacles on the road etc.
  • Try to move your vehicle out of the traffic
  • After the police arrive, follow the instructions of the officer
  • Collect information about the other driver involved in the accident. You can note down his number, address, license plate number, insurance policy number, etc.
  • Gather information from eye witnesses
  • Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Butler to handover your complexities
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Why Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Butler?

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Wondering why you should hire an attorney to handle your case?

He Understands Auto Accident Laws Better
  • An experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Butler understand the legal issues and relevant laws related to your accident. .
  • He is the right person to analyze your case in-depth and represent it rightly in front of the court.
  • A Knowledgeable Car Accident Attorney in Butler, AL can save a lot of your time by managing the accident research work for you.
He Will Help You With the Insurance Claim Process
  • An experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Butler provides ideal information to the insurance companies and increases the chance of your insurance claim approval.
  • However, in case if the claim is denied, he shall also appeal and fight for your compensation.
A Better Calculation for Your Damages
  • Before filing an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit, you need to know the economic and non-economic damages you have suffered and demand accordingly.
  • A Butler injury attorney can help you receive maximum compensation so that your medical expenses, car loss, wages loss etc. can be covered.
Experienced Mind for Negotiating Insurance Settlements
  • Insurance companies often try to settle the case with the minimum amount possible.
  • However, a Car Accident Lawyer in Butler recognizes the lowball offer and negotiates the most appropriate amount for your loss.
  • An attorney has specific training in negotiating tactics and years of experience in settling compensation.
Aggressive Representation of Your Case in the Court
  • Insurance settlement negotiations often break down after the car accidents.
  • It is often observed that Insurance settlement negotiations break down after the car accident
  • When a settlement is not possible, your Car Accident Attorney in Butler, AL will aggressively represent your interests in court and fight for your compensation.

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