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In a bridge collision case, a truck, typically a lorry or a bus, collides with a structure, thereby leading to damage. This, in turn, may lead to severe injuries and fatalities in worst cases. Despite umpteen precautions such as static signage, variable message signs, flashing signs, and bridge markings, truck-bridge collisions still occur. As vehicle height is increasing and the tallness of bridges too isn’t much, these accidents have turned out to be a real nuisance for bridge owners.

Driver’s negligence is one of the most common reasons behind such accidents. Increasing fines and surveillance may be a partial solution; yet, these strategies may not eradicate human fallibility altogether.

If you or someone you love is involved in a bridge collision, it’s crucial to get in touch with seasoned attorneys who are adept in handling such complicated cases.

Who is Liable for the Accident?

In some instances, trucking accidents can be traced to the negligence of the concerned trucking company. For instance, there may be unqualified and untrained drivers working for them. Also, the cargo may not have been loaded properly.

There’s an equal possibility that bridge owners might not have made use of message signs to caution the truck drivers. Only a thorough analysis of such cases can help determine the liability.

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