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When someone is physically or mentally injured, or their property has been damaged, it is considered ‘personal injury’ as per the law. The personal injury law, also known as “tort law”, allows personal injury victims to seek compensation for the losses caused due to negligent, careless or deliberate action of the offender. The tort law has been enacted by the state and federal governments to protect the rights of citizens. However, to be eligible for a personal injury compensation, three tort actions i.e. existence of legal responsibility between the plaintiff and defendant, occurrence of breach of that duty and damage or losses caused as a result of that breach should take place.

So, if you or a dear one has been a victim of personal injury, you must seek the assistance of Boligee personal injury attorneys to file a lawsuit against the other party responsible for the accident. However, in order to have a feasible personal injury claim, you should be able to prove the other party guilty of being negligent. This would require you to select the right lawyer for your case. This includes verifying the attorney’s credentials and ensuring that they have the specific experience in handling personal injury cases similar to yours. You must feel assured that your case is in safe hands. You may get in touch with lawyers at Law offices of Manley Traeger who are proficient in handling personal injury cases.

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Recover Your Compensation with Auto Accident Attorneys in Boligee

Car and motorbike accidents are the most common cases of auto accidents. These accidents often result in serious injuries and damage to the vehicles. Filing a lawsuit is your first step towards getting the justice and compensation you deserve. However, dealing with the legal intricacies involved in your auto accident case can be stressful and time-consuming. Insurance companies add to your woes by either refusing or shirking responsibility to settle your dues in a fair manner. Engaging the services of car accident lawyers in Boligee becomes crucial in such cases.


While it isn’t easy to calculate the exact amount a victim is entitled to for such losses, several factors are taken into consideration while doing so. Auto accident attorneys in Boligee can provide auto accident injury victims with the necessary legal support and advice to settle their dues.

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Common Causes of Auto Accidents

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Negligence is one of the commonest factors behind car and other motor accidents. Some negligence-related causes of auto accidents include the following:


  • Reckless Driving: Reckless driving accounts for a major number of car accidents every year. Recklessness on the road includes speeding, flouting traffic laws and mindlessly aggressive or rash driving. Trucking accident attorneys in Boligee can help victims of reckless driving file lawsuits against the responsible parties.


  • Drunken Driving: People driving under the influence of alcohol pose a threat not just to themselves, but to everyone on the road. Inebriated and unable to see traffic clearly, drunken drivers find it difficult to control their vehicles, resulting in serious accidents.


  • Bad Road conditions: Slippery roads, potholes and cracks can also cause accidents, leading to life-altering injuries. Victims of such road accidents usually find it difficult to sue the government or private companies that are responsible for ensuring road safety.


Competent accident attorneys in Boligee can provide you with the support and representation your case requires.

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Premises Liability Attorneys in Boligee Can Offer Top-notch Representation


Have you ever suffered serious injuries in a public or private place due to the negligence of the property owner? If yes, you have every right to sue the landowner, who is required by law to ensure proper maintenance of their property. In the state of Demopolis, Alabama, a property owner can be considered negligent if they have either failed to make their property premises safe or risk-free or warn visitors or residents about a hazard they were aware of or should have been aware of. Attorneys at Law offices of Manley Traeger are proficient in handling a range of premises liability cases.

In case of an injury, the victim would be required to prove his losses to claim compensation from the other party. Since premises liability cases are intricate and difficult to prove, the injured person must seek the assistance of a competent premises liability attorney for proper legal support. So, if you are in Boligee, you have access to several reputed premises liability attorneys in Boligee. Besides evaluating your claim for compensation, a seasoned attorney will help you put together all the evidence and witness statements that will strengthen your case.

Experienced premises liability attorneys in Boligee will support you at each step of your legal journey and help you make up for the financial and emotional losses suffered by you.

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