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Auto accident cases often leave victims in physical and mental turmoil – not to mention the sudden financial distress. In such scenarios, it gets challenging for a victim to handle the entire situation (and the insurance companies, of course) on their own.

That’s why the assistance of a legal professional plays a key factor in determining the success of a case. You don’t have to worry about legalities when you hire an auto accident attorney in Selma from Manley & Traeger law firm.

The lawyers here have extensive legal knowledge and decades of experience in handling various auto accidents. They leave no pages unturned to ensure maximum compensation and legal justice.

Factors Responsible For Auto Accidents In The US

Accidents are unpredictable. Even if you are driving by following the safety rules, you could end up being an accident victim, mainly due to other’s negligence. Here are some of the factors responsible for the cause of auto accidents:

  • Lane changing
  • Overtaking/ over speeding
  • Driver’s distraction
  • Rough weather or road conditions
  • Mechanical defects


        At Manley & Traeger, the lawyers represent victims with utmost diligence. They are available round the clock to assist victims with extensive legal support. Our lawyers will help you analyze the cause of the accident and evaluate the damages to ensure you receive the rightful compensation amount.

        Some of the damages you may be eligible to receive compensation are:

        • Economic damages

        a.) Major medical expenditure

        b.) Wages lost

        c.) Future earning capacity

        d.) Legal paper documentation costs

        e.) Rehabilitation expenses

        f.) Funeral or burial costs

        • Non- Economic damages

        a.) Pain and suffering

        b.) Loss of consortium

        c.) Mental stress

        d.) Drift from regular lifestyle

          Why Do I Need An Auto Accident Attorney?

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          The assistance of an experienced attorney can prove to be beneficial in more ways than you can imagine.

          • Proper analysis of the case involved
          • Brilliant communication and negotiation skills
          • Capabilities of handling legal complications
          • Fine research skills
          • Analytical skills
          • Good listening skills
          • Years of experience in handling relevant cases
          • Strong potential to deal with the third-party
          • Access to various legal resources

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            A lawyer can guide you to handle a case in a systematic order. Our lawyers have a brilliant success record and recovered millions of dollars on behalf of their clients.  Not that just! You can avail of the services of our auto accident attorney in Selma on a contingency fees basis. Feel free to get in touch with us and schedule a FREE evaluation of your case. Together we can bring you the amount you rightfully deserve for all your damages.

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