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The result of an amusement park accident can be quite catastrophic, for children in particular. Carnival rides, at times, are built in such a way that they have an inherent construction flaw. Ride owners, many a time, do not have adequate safety equipment, which are also operated by people who are not well-trained or are indifferent to safety concerns altogether. Although it is a common protocol to monitor rides adequately for safety purpose, owners seldom pay heed to such requirements. If you are injured or witness the death of a loved one in an amusement park accident, get in touch with a premise liability attorney in Montgomery at the Law Offices of Manley Traeger. With years of experience to draw on, the Montgomery injury attorneys are adept in legally representing victims to help them recover adequate compensation for the loss they suffer.

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Amusement park accidents may encompass instances of food poisoning in a food court, slipping on a fragmented step, or a malfunction in a carnival ride itself. People pay to visit amusement parks and enjoy the attractions and therefore, should be shown utmost care. Amusement park owners are duty bound to keep their property and equipment safe to protect visitors from both known and unknown risks, and carry out inspections to determine the potential dangers.

The theory of negligence states that when an amusement park accident is caused by the carelessness of an employee, and not a defective condition, it may be possible to recover the damages, requiring you to prove that the failure to meet the safety protocol resulted in the injury. But when an injury occurs due to malfunctioning or a defect in a ride, you will need to establish and highlight a manufacturing, design, or marketing issue as the cause of your injury.

People visit an amusement park for thrill and excitement. No one imagines serious injuries. Nonetheless, if you are hurt in an amusement park accident, the Alabama injury attorney may help you get proper returns. Call an Alabama premise liability attorney today for a free consultation.

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